How soon should i be starting chemo



I was dx end of March 2015 and had my first lumpectomy on 14 April 2015 but didnt get clear margins so i have gone onto have re-exision in May and mx on 23rd June 2015.  I also had 18 positive nodes.


I have now been given a date for results from mx on 16th July 2015 so it would have been 3 months since my first surgery and i am still no nearer to having chemo and thats scares me very much as i am frightened the delay will allow cancer to spread. I was grade 3 invasive and HER2 positive


I cannot understand why some ladies have chemo first before surgery and others like me have surgery and wait meny months before we start chemo.


I am so confused should i be complaining about how long my surgery has taken?

Hi Patricia

I don’t know but there is a chemotherapy thread, perhaps some of the ladies there might have some thoughts x

good luck 

sheena xx

Tricia, hiya, waiting around is rubbish! However from seeing my oncologist to actually starting chemo can be done really quick ( we delayed it for a holiday!) but I was told they normally start you one / two weeks after. Plus you need a bit of time to recover. Hope they get things moving quickly x

Hi Patricia I had a mastectomy on June 10th then had nymph nodes removed on July 14th and I am just going to start my chemo on the 19th August there dose not seem to any rush so I have given up worrying and what will be will be xx