How to cope on results day?

Hello everyone,
Should get my results on Thursday if they don’t postpone again!!!
How did you all cope

Hi, I was diagnosed on March 5 2014, take someone with you who can listen for you, tell them the questions you want to ask so if you forget they can prompt you. Write down everything you want to ask. For me I was very matter of fact but then I had just had 12 months of cancer treatment for my husband who had been diagnosed with stage 3 rectal,cancer in May 2013 so had a bit of insight as to what to expect.

The staff and surgeons are used to expecting every emotion that could come and they will spend as much time as you need so that you understand your treatment plan. I had about 30 mins with the surgeon then the breast care nurse took into another room to go through the plan (your journey starts here) in more detail, telling you who your points of contact are.

This forum is a godsend as you can throw any question out there to the girls me some one will come back no matter how trivial or serious it is to you just ask it.

For me I just wanted to get it started as soon as possible so I could get to the end. It hasn’t been easy journey but I had lots of support from my friends and close family. Although zero from my parents and middle sister. Loads from my little sister

You have a voice use it to express any worries you have about anything to your team, it is your body if you are not sure about anything question why and ask for proof of what they offer is of benefit and by how much.

God bless you on this journey but you are not alone you have all us friends on here. Michelle

Hi Miarose got my results today. I was a nervous reck. I didn’t sleep last night. I basically prepared myself for the worst possible news. So either way I wouldn’t be that disappointed. My worse fear was that it has spread to other organs, but thank God it hasn’t. Waiting now for appointment with my oncologist because I will be having chemotherapy. They initially told me 2 weeks after masectomy I will receive a letter however 8 days after surgery I received a phone call so I was definitely worried that it was bad news for them to call so early.