How to join YBCN

Hi everyone,
I’m just bumping this up so that it is easy for people to find. If you are 45 or under , with a breast cancer diagnosis under your belt, and would like to cyber meet other younger women from the UK and Ireland in the same position, you just need to follow this link to our public page. Once there, find the ‘send message/message us’ button (it can look different depending what device you are using), and tell us a bit about yourself and we can get you added to our network of private, member only chat groups where your posts can only be seen by other members. We have a main group, a moving on group, a living with secondary bc group, pregnancy, fertility, research groups, and regional groups for finding local friends. We’ve had around 1300 women join us since we launched in oct 2012, so you won’t feel alone!

The link to our public page is :

Thank you to Breast Cancer Care for continuing to support us :heart:


This group is fantastic! To anyone that’s needing support, information or even a chuckle I strongly advise joining this group. I’ve met so many other younger women and I’m so happy I have them by my side xx hope to see you soon xx

Just popping in to say that I’m now 2 and a bit years post diagnosis and have been a member since April 2013 and this group has been my lifeline. Such a wonderful and supportive bunch of young women no matter what stage of treatment you are at. They have lots of subgroups too so that you can choose whats right for you - still in active treatment, or moving on, or living with a secondary diagnosis, they also have one for anyone going through the very frightening prospect of being diagnosed whilst pregnant - the structure of the group means that you find your ‘home’ and you can dip in and out as and when you need the support. Thanks YBCN <3 xxx

I’m also a longtime member of YBCN, joining when dx in Oct 12 and can vouch for its overall fabness! Come along and say hi! Xxx

just been asked to be added many thanks