How to make sure this is for secondaries?

Hi Mets ladies
I have asked Leah (BCC) a question about the new heading ‘Inspiring Stories & Good News’ and she has nicely batted it back to me :wink:
The question was, how can we make the heading refer specifically to secondaries news etc? If we do post on here as the heading currently stands it will appear on the Latest Posts page as ‘Inspiring Stories & Good News’ (as the grey bit of writing along side the latest post name, time etc) and therefore doesn’t expressly mention Secondaries. Same happens with ‘Meet Ups’ but, as Leah has said she can add ‘for Secondary BC’ after that as it’s not such long a heading to begin with. I think you’ll see what I mean if you look at the Latest Posts page as I’m not very good at describing it on here.
Without wanting to appear rude to any ladies with Primaries, who have their own section for this now, I think it IS nice to have our own ‘good news’ etc but need to make it clear that this is where secondary BC ladies can post their news/results/stories as they are usually from a different perspective.
Leah has suggested opening this up as a topic to see what we all think.
I was going to add my own suggestion but I can’t think of one that’s succinct enough. Once I get my thinking hat on I’ll see if I can come up with anything but otherwise any thoughts from all/any of you would be good - after all it will hopefully be used by us all :slight_smile:
Nicky x

“Secondaries-inspiring news and stories”

(Or am I missing the point?)

No, you’re not! that sounds good and nowhere near as long as ‘Inspiring Stories and Good News for Secondary BC’ (or similar) which is what Leah thought was too long.


I think that sounds simple and straight to the point. I think that this is a good section to have, as it’s inspirational stories that are so important to us and are what kept me going 3 months ago when was first diagnosed with secondaries.

Please keep the inspirational stories coming, we need lots of good news.

Nicola xx

Sounds perfect to me - clear and a very much needed section.

Liz x

Ha ha sorry to chuckle but talk about a fast solution!!! I go with Elaines simple suggestion!

Hi Ladies - thanks for the very simple and quick solution :slight_smile: I must admit I was a bit fuzzy headed yesterday - from a day looking at accounting systems rather than hitting the bottle! So I just couldn’t work out a simple re-wording of the current title. I will point Leah in this direction in case she hasn’t seen the suggestion and hope it gets changed asap. I’ll also see if the word ‘secondaries’ can get added to some of the other subtitles in the Living with Secondary BC part of the Forum - such as ‘Treatments and Medical Issues’ as, again, you don’t see the ‘Secondary BC’ part when you look on Latest Posts.
Nicky xx

Good discussion - we do need ElaineD’s “Secondaries-inspiring news and stories” for this thread.
I’m counting the days till I can post my message about living well with bone/liver mets 4 years on from secondaries dx, but I’m due a blood test to check tumour markers soon…

Thanks everyone! I’ve changed the title for this topic to “Secondaries: inspiring news & stories”. And I’ve changed the meet ups title to “Secondaries: Meet ups”.

So that should help make things clearer in the list of latest posts.

The “treatment & medical issues”, where there is the same problem, I’ll need to have a bit of a think about. I know it is confusing when it pops up in the latest posts and it’s not clear whether it’s talking about treatment for secondary or primary breast cancer. The problem is, it’s a bit long if you add “secondaries” to the front of it.

If anyone has a good solution, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for all your help, and I look forward to seeing all your news and stories in this new section.


Could you shorten it to ‘mets’ instead of secondaries so it would be ‘Mets - treatments & medical issues’ ???


Maybe put it in the same style, ‘Secondaries - Treatment Issues’? or ‘Secondaries - Medical Issues’? Just trying to think what would help any new ladies find their way around the forum, after all we know it backwards :wink: (Unfortunately!)
Nicky x

“Secondaries-therapies and concerns/issues/developments”? Delete as necessary!

That’s the title sorted - now can we have the inspiring stories please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks all - I managed to squeeze in “Secondaries: treatment & medical issues”, so hopefully that should make things a bit clearer.


i think its a very good ide to have a special forum for people with secondaries because as you said there is already a good one for primaries , and also if you dont have any more cancer enjoy life , think if you look to mutch you get obssesed , witch is no good . love annette

Hi All, just a quick note as I’m in a hurry (going to the dentist - lovely!!!) Just thought I’d let you know that my latest blood test results were very good. The tumour markers have come down again and the liver and spine mets are stable. The onc was very pleased and I don’t see him again until Feb providing all is well in the meantime. So hurrah for Arimidex, it’s working for me so I’ll put up with the crappy side effects for as long as it works.

Hope everyone is well today. Take care, lots of love, Dianne x x x x

Great news !!! Long may it continue. Hope the dentist was ok too.


Thanks Liz, the dentist was grim! I had to have a deep clean and she only did half of my mouth, have to go back next Tuesday for the other half. One or two of my lower teeth have loosened slightly and apparently it’s an se from the Bondronat for the spine. Other than that, I’m fine and hope you and everyone else is too.

Have a fab weekend and take care of yourselves everyone, lots of love, Dianne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx