How to prepare sensitive skin for Radiotherapy?

How to prepare sensitive skin for Radiotherapy?

How to prepare sensitive skin for Radiotherapy? Hi all,

Does anyone have suggestions on how to protect sensitive skin during radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy Hi Elena

You may be interested in BCC’s publication on Radiotherapy, you can download this from the following link. Hope this helps.

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Raditherapy / skin care Hi Elena,

I was told about this aspect of the journey at the time of surgery. It was to use acqueous cream as soon as the wound starts healing, at least a couple of times a day. This I did and the area is now very soft and ready for radiotherapy which starts in under two weeks.
Also at the planning appointment for radiotherapy this was again stressed also to use only Johnsons baby soap for washing with.
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This is the advice I was given, I stuck to it ridgidly and touch wood, no soreness.

Use aqueous cream x2 daily before rads start then often afterwards. Do not use deodrant, talc or perfume on that side. Drink plenty of water. Don’t wear your bra if poss. Keep up this regime for a few wks after treatment ends.

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Hi there

I used Aloe Vera 99.9% from holland and barrett, i had a little soreness under the bust but then im quite big so i think its quite common, the Aloe Vera is a gel so it was nice and soothing. This was recommended from another forum user who was told it was ok to use, i checked with the Rads people and they said as long as it 99.9% and the other percentage is water then its fine to use before (a couple of hours before rads) and after.

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Hi Elena
I finished rads (25 sessions) mid April. I used E45 2 or 3 times a day from start to finish and for 2 weeks after. I am red haired and pale skinned and only had a bit of a tan and towards the end a bit of peeling underneath my breast. My onc said that 10 to 14 days after could be the worst time but it was just red with a little bit of skin peeling. The worst part was the daily trip to the hospital! Hope everything goes ok for you xx

Hi Elena

Although I am not fair-skinned I burned quite badly and the nurse told me to stop using soap altogether as even the mild ones (eg Simple, baby soap) are drying.

I was also told to shower with lukewarm water but the nurse said that’s a bit extreme and just to make sure you don’t blast the radiated area with hot water.

You can use the aqueous cream as a cleanser as well as a moisturiser. If you don’t feel clean without soap you could maybe use it just under your arm and not on the breast.

Opinion seems to be split on whether or not to wear a bra. My radiographers said no but the specialist breast nurse said a bra actually helps if you are large and need the support.

Good luck. I’m 6 weeks out and all healed up now.

Lola x