How to protect bald spots while using PAXMAN cold cap?

Hi, I had 3 EC’s and now I’m gone start with 12 weekly Taxol treatments. The first time I hardly felt the PAXMAN cold cap. Second and third time I did experience the typical side effects. So I’m convinced the hair loss is mostly due to the first time because it was not ajusted correctly :smileysad:


Now there’s about 20% hair left and I have bald spots. But I still want to have the cold cap! How can I prevent the bald spots from getting burned by the cold? I don’t think the nurses have a lot of experience with the cold cap and most people probably give up the cold cap at that point. Does anyone has any tips?


I used cold cap and most of the hair loss was after the first cycle of FEC. If you only have 20% left they may be reluctant to let you continue with the cold cap - one of my chemo nurses was as I had lost about 50%. However I persevered, encouraged by one of the other chemo nurses, and managed to hang on to about 40% overall. Some people say use a surgeon’s cap or gauze patches if you have actual bald spots to prevent freezer burn, although I didn’t do this myself as my hair was more of an overall thinning than bald patches.

Good luck anyway, I’m so glad now I persevered.

Hi I am in a similar situation and only have about 20 per cent of my hair with it being very very thin practically bald right on top of my head , I do want to carry on with the cold cap and try to hang on to this last bit , however I do still have 2 AC left …


if if you manage to find any info out please let me know 


Helen xxxx

I used the cold cap and had approx 40% of my hair left after 4x Tax and 3 x EC. I’ve now completed chemo and still look much like my normal self - in fact, most people I know don’t know I’ve had chemo. I use a wide headband to disguise my bald bits and already have new hair of about 1,inch long where I had initially lost it and think that the new growth was protected by the cold cap.
I used surgeons caps after my first chemo to protect my scalp and used them for every one since. The hospital provided them quite happily and in my unit, men who were bald up top were using the cold cap with the surgeons paper caps and nobody ever told them they couldn’t! So stand your ground!!!