How to say Thank You to a Friend

How to say Thank You to a Friend Hi
Since my diagnosis of liver mets last week, a friend of mine has just been fantastic. Always there for me at the end of the phone. So positive and just wants to help me.
He is even coming to my consultants appointment with me tomorrow.

I want to do something to show my appreciation. Something that he can rememember me by when Iam gone.

Any ideas

Awww that is so so sweet, my idea for you would be if you could do somthing together that he would enjoy, take lots of pics and write a diary or something.

Hope that helps

Ideas? Iam also thinking of doing him a CD of songs that either are my favourites or mean something to me.

He mentioned yesterday that he wants to take me places that I have always wanted to go to.

First time I had seen him since my diagnosis of secondaries and he actually cried.

We have been friends for over 10 years and thats all it is FRIENDS. But we think so much of each other. He is actually so upset.

Something Simple What about just a nice card where you can write a big thank you.

R x