How to sleep after an LD flap..

Immediately after LD surgery, can you sleep on your back? I wouldnt be able to sleep on my side if I am having bilateral surgery (at least I couldnt last year after having mastectomies and tissue expanders ). Just trying to work out some pragmatics. Also, same question re iGAP flap surgery

I slept on my back for about 4 weeks after LD surgery, as tried my best to keep off the newly reconstructed breast.
I slept with a v pillow to prop me up to make it more comfortable and put a pillow in the hollow of my back as that started to ache as I normally sleep on my back. I did have to sometimes take painkillers for the pain in my back which I never normally suffer from.
It was well worth a few weeks discomfort though.

Good Luck wih your surgery.


I used a V pillow too - in fact I had about 8 pillows around me I think!!! Good luck xx

I had LD with strattice and an expander. I slept on my back, sort of propped up with a nest of pillows and a v pillow. One thing I did find helpful was a very squashy cushion with a silk cover under my arm to keep my arm away from my scars.
Good luck

I also had an LD recon- bilateral. I used a V shaped pillow for months afterwards- it was the only thing that helped me sleep at night and it stopped me from rolling onto my front/ shoulders. Best of luck.

Although not had ld I have bilateral mx with expander implants I have bought a back rest fom argos £22 and use v pillow


I am two weeks post ld flap reconstruction and still sleeping on my back. I have progressed from sleeping sitting up (with V pillow & lots of other pillows around me) to sleeping lying down with one pillow. Main issue at the moment is waking up feeling a bit stiff but okay otherwise.
Good luck.

Thank you for all your responses; it makes such a difference to hear actual experiences

My LD back flap operation is now 16 weeks ago. I can sleep in any position that I want it’s very comfortable. The aches and the v pillow disappeared at about 6 weeks for me. X