How urgent is urgent


I know I am probably being a complete pain about this, but was referred as non-urgent 2 weeks ago, then upgraded to urgent Monday, and told I’d hear by today about my appointment which would be ASAP.

Nothing today so phoned the breast clinic, who have me scheduled in for 20th March, I know this is just another fortnight away, but I’m coping quite badly at the moment, and it seems SOOOO long to wait. Is this similar to other people’s experiences? I’ve been told if i want a sooner appointment i must call the hospital every morning, and then its not guranteed - am I being too demanding just because I am stressed?

I have a dilemma too, because my Mum is so worried she has offered to cash in her savings and pay for me to go private but the cost is just so much I’d feel terrible for taking the money off her - ARGH! I’m so frustrated, and just don’t know what to do. >:frowning:

I know I probably sound really bratty, as I know how lucky I am really, I just don’t know what to do - I keep waking up thinking I imagined the lumps, and being dissapointed all over again when I check and they are still there.

  • I feel like I am being such a drama queen, but can’t pull myself together enough to be a rational person.

Thanks for listening to me whine!


If you were upgraded to urgent last Monday, then I think you should be seen within two weeks from then - ie 16th at the latest. I saw my GP on a Monday at 5.30, and as I was about to go on holiday he got me into the breast clinic the following day - so it can be done. I would press to get an earlier appointment.

Thanks, I just spoke to the BCC helpline and spoke to a lovely lady who said listening to my symptoms to try and push for it to be within 2 weeks, so at least i feel like i’m not going crazy!

Then spoke to the Gp about possibly seeing another breast clinic and she said the appointment i have is the soonest possible one available anywhere as she rang round for me - I’m grateful she is helping, but looks like I’ll have to call each day until they are sick of me!

Just so tired of feeling out of control, and slightly worried that I’m being told its probably best to keep pushing for a quick diagnosis.

Also miffed that I turned 29 yesterday and my whole face is so swollen from crying that I look about 50!! >:slight_smile:

yea im pretty stressed about mine too, still havent heard, its doing my head in, just because i dont even know when my appt will be. cant sleep at all, and i kno people prob think im just being inpatient, but when ur meant to be seen in 2 weeks and ur not, it just sucks. hope u get urs soon.

Just a thought but have you looked into cost of private?[though it shouldnt be it costs £160 for mammo with same day results.If that looked dodgy you could switch back to NHS and they would have to hurry it up.Ring your nearest one stop clinic and ask cost of tests etc.It is 2 weeks from’urgent’but 4 weeks from first seeing doc!
Good Luck,Valx

Hi Cludgie and Lizzy

Waiting is always the worst.

I was a pain at my hospital, I always pressed for a quicker appointment, I did phone the CT Scan desk every morning and a six week wait turned out to be a three day wait! I just got folks on my side and said thank you with chocolates so that they remember me another time!

I am not suggesting you need to have a quicker appointment its just that if you can be proactive, in my experience it helps with the coping.

Take care both

yea well it doesnt help if they dont answer their phones! dunno about u, but im a student so cant afford to go private.

Well I did get my letter today, and all my reference numbers, so started the campaign of calling them daily today, and I was pleased that they were at least really nice event though they couldn’t help.

My mum is now begging me to let her pay for private diagnostic (now running at £1000 - £1500 depending on how far they need to investigate), and they can see me for the whole lot wednesday night, but I’m just not sure I can justify the cost to save myself a couple of weeks fretting - potentailly could 2 weeks make a big clinical difference?

I know I’m really lucky to be able to consider this, but I just hate the thought that I could be taking that sort of money off my mum for something which is probably nothing - ARGH I hate being so confused I’m usually self possesed and able to make decisions!!


I am a mum of a 34 yr old daughter and I would gladly pay that and would rejoice if all was well.Maybe you could call it an interest free loan and start paying back as and when you can.I would do it if I were you and your mum!

yea ur lucky, i would to stop worrying, my hairs falling out and i keep having nosebleeds with the stress, plus the blinking lack of sleep. my mum just says she doesnt want to hear about my health problems!.. and still no letter!

prob wouldnt make much difference clinically, but depends how ur coping. id just wanna know as soon as.

Sorry to hear that, it must be so tough to be facing this without suppot, I guess thats why places like this are so good because there is always someone here to chat to.

I’ve been calling daily, and spoke to someone today who offered to (and I quote) “move it forward from 20th March to 23rd March?” - ???

At least I was so amused at the complete lack of comprehension that i calmed down a chunk!

Decided to sit and wait on the NHS as I’m not sure how easy it would be to transfer back over if i started private and then needed to follow it up, so roll on the 20th!