HR, ER, PR positive - how long for results?

Hi All

I was diagnosed with aggressive, grade 3 idc on 13/7 but am yet waiting to find out if I am positive for any or all of the above.

How long did you guys all have to wait to find out this?

I know it wont change my treatment right now but just wandering


I didn’t get the results at the time of diagnosis but was put on neo-adjuvant chemo. I got me results (HR+) at the time I saw my onc after my first chemo which was 3 weeks after dx

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Sharon x

Hi Fiona, i went to the doctors on the 4th of June, then the rapid breast clinic and was diagnosed on the 6th of June this year, had some lymph removed on the 15th of June, got my results on the 25th of June, for the lymphs that is, had my mastectomy and immediate recon on the 29th of June, was in hospital for eight days, went back on the 9th of July to get the histology results that said i was hormone receptive, had to go back in that day, as i had developed dead skin round the nipple area, had an op to remove that on the 10th of July (middle son’s birthday!) saw the onc on the 19th of July, then saw him again last week, its all been very quick,

Alison xxxxx

ps, apparently i’m oestrogen and progesterone receptive, thus the tamoxifen, don’t really understand it all to be honest

Its certainly not an ‘easy’ cancer if you get such a thing - the treatment depends on so many other things - its a nightmare trying to remember it all - especially with a ‘fuzzy head’


I got my ER/PR results (i am ER/PR positive) a week after surgery. The Herceptin result took longer -about a month and I am Her Negative

Having tamoxifen (finally got the oncologist to tell me) after RADS and Chemo


Hi Fiona,

as with Jools I got my ER/PR results a week after my mastectomy and total axillary clearance (I’m +ve). That was in April but I didn’t get my HER2 result until about 6 weeks ago, so that took much longer. I am HER2 +.

Hope that helps,


hi fiona, i had WLE begining of july was told i am her2 posotive so il have to take herceptin for a year, im meeting with my oncologist on wednesday so wont really no more until then, i no this is all confosing im also oestrogen posotive so will have to take tamoxofin as well. why dont you try getting in contact with your breast care nurse i find mine very good she explains everything to me…

best of luck