HRT? Sex drive post early menopause

I had HER+++ hormone neg cancer diagnosed in 2007, full mastectomy and node clearance 8cm tumour 14/25 nodes chemo rads herceptin… I was 28. It knocked me into early menopause. Had miracle son born 2012 totally surprising preganancy as hormone levels showed post menopause (fsh 87 ovarian reserve 0.07…) my daughter was born donor egg Ivf last year. Am vv lucky. Have osteopenic bones, dry sore lady bits, no sex drive. Feel ancient and only 37. GP prescribed topical oestrogen cream and suggested I speak to onc at next check about low hormon hrt (tibilone or something) have totally stayed away from anything like that as thought risk just too great. My priority is to be here for
My kids but it would be nice to feel better… A anyone experienced similar or got advice? Lots of love to all xxxx

I am a bit older than you now but was 39 when diagnosed, 50 yrs now and can totally sympathise about your dry non functioning lady bits and lack of libido ( poor hubby). I was prescribed tiny pessaries (size of a small tablet) in a tiny thin applicator. Cant remember the name of them now… They helped mechanically but not with libido. I’d be interested to hear what ypu learn and what anyone else has to suggest. Hang in there - I agree, being here for our familiesis most important but sometimes the other stuff matters too. X