I am going to have a WLE on thursday this week and have been told I will need to take the drug tamoxifen. I am 51 and now getting really bad hot flushes (or power surges) I would like to know if I will be able to take HRT now or if not any ideas how to cope with the fluses they are much worse at night and I am loseing sleep. Thank you for any advice.

Hi MissChippy
If you have been told you must take Tamoxifen that means that your cancer is a hormone related type, i.e. the cancer cells respond to oestrogen in your body. HRT supplies you with oestrogen, so unfortunately you will have to stop taking it, in fact I’m surprised they haven’t told you to stop taking it immediately. I was in the same situation myself. I too am 51 and was getting menopausal type symptoms, so started on HRT but had to stop. On the positive side, my GP put me on a low dose of anti-depressant (Amitriptyline) to prevent the hot flushes that often come with Tamoxifen and so far (5 weeks on) I’ve been fine.
Sarah x

Hi misschippy

Reading your post I thought you might find it useful to have a look at a couple of the BCC booklets. There is one on tamoxifen which includes information on how it works and what side effects may occur and the other is on menapausal symptoms. If you would like to order a copy of these or read them on line just follow these links:-

I hope these are helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your reply I am not on HRT as I have only just started getting menopausal symptoms and had hope that maybe I would be able to start HRT. I am already taking an anti-depressant so im not sure what is going to happen but I will ask when I see the nurses when i go in to hosptial on Thursday
Once again thank you