i had my first FEC on 10th September 2015.  First two days I was alright than I was feeling so sick and bad vomiting and diahoria. I have to admit into the hospital under 24!hrs under observation.  I had urine infection and I was dehydrated. I thing first chemo really knocke me down.  I still don’t have any energy, lots of weakness and tired.  My all body is aching.


Is anyone having a similar problem? Please let me know any replies any information will be very useful.


I hear about Chemotherapy/Neulasta-PEG-injectiions.  Is anyone had this injection. Does it work?



Lilly, if you go on the going through treatment section of the website and post your question on the August or September monthly chemo threads I’m sure you will get a lot of information from the ladies there .

As Jill suggested, post in the thread about having chemo for answers, but I did have the injections. I had them for five days in every cycle. They are subcutaneous injections in either your thigh or stomach. Good luck with the rest of your treatments. xx

I have the Pegfilgrastim injections once, the day after each chemo. I’m on Taxotere now, but didn’t get it when I was on FEC.