Hurrah Last EPI - no more of the evil red stuff

Dear all

After much faffing about yesterday, they finally let me have my 3rd FEC. Blood test from Thurs was too low, but they re-did it at the hospital and Neutrophils had crept up from 0.8 to 1.0, so I just scraped it…they were not happy, but gave me antibiotics in case my infection is still there. Got all geared up with cold cap on for 20 mins and saline about to go in, then they came over and said ‘Sorry but the pharmacy haven’t done your drugs - someone cancelled them’…prob because of Thursday’s phonecall and argument they were cancelled and not reinstated. So with that they whipped off the cap and told me to go away for 45 mins. Got up too quickly and wobbled to the coffee shop with a major headache as my head was bl**dy freezing.

Anyway finally done and got extra anti-sickness drugs and they also doubled my Mex dose so feeling relatively OK today - vast improvement on last time. This is the last FEC, Taxotere x3 (hopefully not 6 - wait for MRI on 7th Sept to decide) - so no more red wee…hurrah!

How is everyone? So sorry about the hair Mel and Dawn…xxxxx

Sorry Alison you couldn’t get your treatment…what a pain, but good you can take your daughter, hope she gets on OK - mine is back to Yr 1 on Tuesday.

Don’t panic Lynne - the hair might hold out for you xxxxx

How are you JulieG and Muddy?

LOL to you all

Hi Ali

God, sounds like you had a right going on yesterday, but am glad you managed to get your last FEC down you. I have my last FEC on 19th Sept, then onto Taxotere x 3 too, so just behind you really. No ideas if/when need another scan, but seeing onc on 12th Sept, so no doubt will find everything else out then. Gonna ask about Herceptin too, as think am going on this, but have read alot about heart conditions connected with it, quite scary. Glad you are feeling OK though.

Slowly getting used to having my wig on, but does feel weird I have to say. Might have to go put my pink hat back on soon, as don’t think going out again today. Not emotional today though have managed to get over that now.

Anyway, hope everyone else is ok. Good luck Alison for next treatment and speak to you all later.


Hi all
Number 3 TAC, Taxotere yesterday and don’t feel too bad. Had to have four attempts before they got a decent vein so that was great fun - so much for lots of fluids and moisuriser - I really hope these veins can hold out for another 3 goes! I find that the hardest thing - once the cannula in I am ok. They changed my sickness meds and thankfully wasn’t sick.
Was so tired as I’d only get to sleep at 4.30am on Thurs night with the dreaded steroids. Last night the dose was dropped to 4mg from 8mg so got a reasonable nights sleep.
Bestie - you were a close call with the bloods but great you got it in the end- nothing worse than having to wait.
Dawn, know what you mean about the wig thing. I have a love hate relationship with Wiggy -woo. Helps me look normal but can’t wear it for long periods as it itches and is very hot.

Hang in there ladies and take care


Glad you are OK with the Tax Muddy - gives me hope for the next stage!!!
I have a really painful chemo arm today, my veins are so so sore and am struggling to use that arm (right arm - typically). Anyone else had this, if so what did you do? I was gonna take some paracetomal and see if that helps. Muddy you mention moisturiser above, does that help soften the veins?

How are you Dawn? I think you are doing brilliantly…xxxx

Nice and quiet in my house this morning, my husband and 1yr old are asleep, my in-laws have taken my 5yr old daughter out…aah bliss!!! FEC side effects still not too bad, sickness and nausea has not really kicked in this time, so they def got the drugs right.
Take care

Hi Ali,

Sorry to hear about your arm being so sore, I am sure there must be something you can do to ease it? Again, so pleased about no more epi for you, I think its weird when your wee turns like rose wine!LOL do you think if you cried after taking it your tears would be pink??LOL reason I ask is Im taking mum with me this wednesday, she wants to come so my OH has stepped aside and Ive told her the procedure of what goes on, I just know she will get upset!LOL dont want to concern her if I cry with pink tears and look like something off a horror movie!LOL

As for the hair, everything has stopped growing, but just praying my barnet stays too, as my BC nurse tells me it usually starts around the 2nd treatment wether i wear a coldcap or not…real positive attitude eh!NOT!..

Anyhow, enjoy the peace and quiet and best wishes…

Take care


Hi Ali

I am fine today thanks for asking, little bit tired. I am keeping an eye on all these Tax reviews too, as am on that after next FEC. Bit worried about everyone saying makes you really tired, but as everyone different, might be ok.

You are lucky having peace and quiet. My hubby still in bed, and got my 3yr old daugter running around and 9 month old Jack crawling and groaning around. Wants to do more than he can really and gets frustrated. Enjoy your peaceful time. Glad your FEC side effects are ok. I am still fine after 2nd lot, no sickness nothing. Just feel bit tired, but think that is the kids too.

Have a lovely day.

Muddy, hope you are OK today too. Know what you mean about the wig. Bit uncomfortable, but maybe it is just a case of getting use to it. Hope you have a lovely day planned today too. And that you are not suffering any side effects with the Tax.

Take care all

Thanks everyone…

Lynne - I took my Mum with me for dose #2 and it was fine, she was very surprised that it was not the doom and gloom cancer ward she imagined - she even laughed at my head gear. I think it is good to take them so they can see what happens. Dunno bout the pink tears though…never thought about that!!!
My hair has started shedding a bit again, as now 3 weeks since #2, but you can’t notice. I’m told Tax is more successful with cold cap so might be lucky and hang on to it…but not counting my chickens!!!

Take care girlies, talk to you soon

Hiya Ali,

blimey you’re flying through those treatments now! It’s amazing how quick it goes isn’t it? I resigned my membership of the ‘red wee club’ a while ago now and it felt great so I know how you feel!

All the best as you switch chemo’s and I hope the rest of your treatment goes well,

Take care,


Dear All

You are giving me strength! I have had three FEC and apart from landing in hospital after the second one have been really ok. Well apart from being bald like many others! I have the first of three taxotere on Thursday and am so hopng the side effects won’t kick in. Like Ali I am starting to have vein problems in the right arm - getting the cannula in was a right game last time! If anyone has any tips to help that, please let us know!

Dawn I am going to ask about herceptin when I see the onc on Wednesday. I know they are mixing it with the taxotere but the chemo nurses seem to think I will be on it for a year! The onc has never said that (unless I somehow stopped listening!). I’ll let you know what she says. And I know what you mean about the wig! Everyone says mine looks great, and actually it is probably nicer than my own departed hair ever was, but I just don’t feel safe in a wind! So turbans rule except for special occasions!

Much love and strength to all


Hi Dilys

Yeah think I will be on Herceptin for a year too, but didn’t realise til recently that it is every 3 weeks like chemo through drip. Wonderful, going hospital every 3 weeks for another year, but if it works who cares. Gonna find out though if can have Herceptin while still doing chemo, as know that some on here do. Want everything now if it means helping me better and quicker.

Mad isn’t it, loads of friends and neighbours said my hair looks nicer now, than before. Charming, must have thought I look a right mess. They all say its good cos NO ROOTS, and looks like just been to the hairdressers. I too am worried about the wind, or my little boy grabbing it - how embarrassing would that be.

No 3 chemo in 2 weeks, so far not had any probs, although got bit of sniffle today and sore throat. Hoping doesn’t mean anything though and better now that when its chemo time.

Take care everyone and catch up later

Hi Ali

So pleased you you reached the end of your chemo!! Yippeeee
Cant wat for that to be me…
Have not got mt wigs sorted yet! but I am pretty happy wearing these bandanas I dropped lucky on ( 3-1 Banandas)
No messing around and they dont fall.

Getting worried dabout this Herceptin lark as nothing has ben said to me at all!!! should I worry?

Anyway take care Ali and everyone!

Cyber hugs

Oh well thanks Mel - but just the end of FEC, still have Taxotere to go…hopefully only 3 though. I have MRI scan on Friday and then get results from Onc Wed week…fingers crossed for some serious shrinkage girls…

I am not having Herceptin as I am triple Neg - so no Hormones for me!!! I never realised it meant visiting the hospital for another year Dawn - but if it works then all good.

Glad the hair looks good Dawn, you sound more upbeat - well done.

Take care all