husband finally has a job

Hi All

I got lots of support through this forum when I have had problems with my OH. Just wanted to let you know my husband has finally got a job and his depressed mood has lifted considerably. He hasn’t started yet as waiting for crb clearance but what a major relief. We can now plan for the future and not be too scared to spend a little money.

My plan now is to start a holiday fund and save each month, I am determined to travel more from now on.

Hope you are all coping well with you and yours.


Hi Irene

I am so pleased that things are improving for you and you OH. I had read some of your posts and you sounded really low at times.

Please accept my best wishes for the future and keep that holiday fund going.

I am trying hard to be a bit more laid back than I was before diagnosis and not let things worry me the way they did, so far I am getting better at it.

Best wishes and take care

I am very pleased to hear this news Irene as your postings were showing what a hard time you were having. We had just started a business when I was diagnosed last October and my OH had to put it largely on hold as he couldn’t concentrate; he also whnted to be able to give me as much support as possible. We have lived mostly on savings during that time as I am not entitled to any benefits (don’t get me started on that one!)

Thankfully things are looking up for both of us - I’ve finished all my chemo and rads and am now on Herceptin which I get as a home visit. Work is now picking up for OH as he has been freelancing for about 3 months and I have all sorts of ideas for developing the business.

Keep moving forward.