Hyperthermia treatment

hello everyone
I have not posted for a while but do read all your messages which are uplifting and informative. I am now at end of 1st cycle of Zeloda and finding it hard to control the nausea. Hopefully I will find something that works. So far no sign of “foot and mouth disease” as I call it. I was told about hyperthermia treatment this week and wondered if anyone else had heard about it. Its used quite frequently in US and Europe and the write ups looked quite good, just wondered if anyone had any first hand expereince of it. Good luck to all of you and stay well

The Liongate Clinic in Tunbridge Wells carries out this therapy.

Cancer Bacup has very good information on its website about hyperthermia treatment.

Mills: nausea is an unusual side effect of xeloda…don’t suffer in silence…get on to your medical team for anti nausea drugs.

I did get bad diarrhoea once while on xeloda and this did also make me feel nauseous, but I stopped taking the pills and the dose was reduced.

best wishes