Hypnotherapy anyone?

Hypnotherapy anyone?

Hypnotherapy anyone? Thank you all so much for replying to my “Has anyone felt normal after this” post. Lots of sound advice. I have been back to my consultant who has referred me for hypnotherapy to try and sort out my anxiety/depression as I am going worse. The strange thing is I had a good prognosis but that just makes me think " That was too lucky it will all go wrong".

Has anyone had hypnotherapy and has it worked for anyone.?



hypnotherapy Hi,

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy.

I was very lucky in that I have a friend who is a trained hypnotherapist. She treated me before i started chemo and during treatment… It helped me a lot especially as I was having major relationship problems with a other half who was being a complete b*****d. I was also getting anxious about the effects of chemo, ( I landed up in hospital) it did help me get through very difficult times.

All the best
Susan x

Highly recommend it Alise,
Had hypnotherapy for anxiety attacks even before I was diagnosed. Returned to hypnotherapist on diagnosis (Oct, 2005) for a ‘top up’ and found it really beneficial. He made an audiotape for me with relaxation exercises I could practice. Apparently, I’m highly ‘suggestible’, ie I worry a lot and the exercises have been great mentally and physically. I’d really recommend it. I hope it helps. Good luck xxx