hi everyone hope u are doing as well as can be expected had my marings dun yesterday ready for radiothearopy i start on 6th january.finish chemo on the 31st december carnt wait been havin such a rough time with the cmf also had such a shock yesterday was told that i have got to have hysterectomy apparantley my cancer is feeding of the ostragen that my ovaries are producing so to be safe that it isint going come back i have got to have it done no choice really i am so so scared at the moment was a shock that i have got to have it done because it wasint mentioned before
lots of love to all
patsy xxxxxxx

Hi Patsy,
I am very shocked that you have been told that you have to have a hysterectomy. Lots of us on here have been where you are but (as far as I know) we have all only had our ovaries removed nothing more and do not understand why you have been told something different - please ask your BC nurse if it is necessary before they get you in for the op - just to be sure.
Clarabelle xx

hiya, mine feeds off estrogen and family history of ovarian cancer etc. etc. and faulty gene - however Ive just had ovaries removed, asked about hysterecomty and told no need to remove more than necesary - hope you get some better news?

Lisaf, my cancer also fed off oestrogen and my mother had ovarian cancer and I too asked about hysterectomy and was also told it wasnt necessary.