I am about to start treatment

I start treatment on 27th February.
I have been told my treatment will be 6 x AC Chemotherapy to shrink a lump then
surgery and perhaps radiotherapy after that.
I have been told I will lose all my hair but that I could try the cold cap which might help in reducing the hair loss.
Has any one tryed this on the same treatment I will be having.

Hi Tarus,
i did FEC whch i think is similar to AC, the cold cap worked well for me (but it is freezing cold and extends your visit to hospital by about two hours so is not for everyone). Try not to worry too much about the chemo - like everyone says it is doable - i’m a complete wimp and shook visably before each session (and had dirrohea - too much info!) but the nurses were brilliant, if i can get through it anyone can!
All he best on your treatment

Thank you Caroline for your comment.
I am tempted to try the cold cap but heard it was really uncomfortable and with AC treatment is unlikely to work.
I don’t mind having to spend and extra couple of hours at hospital if it works.
Probably silly I know but I am more worried about losing my hair than I am about the treatment ahead.
This will probably change as times goes on.

Hi Taurus

I had 4 AC followed by 4 taxotere and the cold cap worked for me. It is very cold and uncomfortable especially for the first twenty minutes or so but definitely worth it to keep some hair. My hair did thin particularly when on the taxotere but I was never bald!

Good luck with the treatment and with your decision on using the coldcap.

All the best.

Lollie x

Hi Taurus,
It’s not silly at all. I think a lot of us were at least equally worried about the hair loss as the treatment.
I hope you’ve found lots of helpful info on here about having chemo. There’s lots of good ideas and advice.
Treat yourself gently over the weekend and spoil yourself if you can, to take your mind off it.
Good luck for Wednesday,
Jacquie x

I kept my hair on FEC with the cold cap.It’s well worth the bother!

Regards Josie x

Thank you all for your comments .
I am feeling quite vunerable at the moment, I am not sure what to expect and don’t
really have all my test results as yet.
I think the prognosis is good and I am trying hard to think positive.
I have been reading some of the posts on the forum and I think it is going to be helpful having people to talk to who are going through the same thing.
My family are all so worried I have been trying to put on a face for them, but it is difficult. I haven’t cried yet but I have a constant lump in my throat and when I go to bed I can hear my heart beating like a drum.

Hi Taurus,
Good Luck with the treatment.
I’d say try the cold cap. I’m similar to you, due to get 6 AC, surgery then possibly radiotherapy too. I too was told that I’d likely lose my hair, but they all said that some success had been had with the cold cap, so to give it a go. I was due to start 7 Feb and got cold cap on for an hour, drip hooked up, but felt a bit woozy and blacked out momentarily and then threw up, so treatment postponed until 12 Feb. I wasn’t sure if blacking out was nerves, cold cap or a wee infection (per my bloods), but as I’m not usually great with hot/cold, I decided not to use the cold cap second time around, just incase. It wasn’t that uncomfortable; infact it made a stuffy ward bearable, so give it a shot. But I did notice that I didn’t have great contact all over my head (could be my weird head shape!) as when I leaned back against the chair, I could feel it colder at contact point. So that was one of the reasons I decided to eliminate it from the equation next time around. But if you get good contact, you never know, it may save your hair. So worth a shot!
I’ve not lost mine yet, but have headgear and wigs (nearly) on standby. By the way I’ve been really lucky with minimal side effects from AC - just a little more tired than normal, but managed work every day, so hope you have similar positive experience! All the best,

I am about to start treatment soon. 3 x FEC and 3 x Taxatore. going to give the cold cap a go. I have had chemo before having had bc 5 years ago in other side. I was on a trail so couldn’t do cold cap. I lost about 80% of my hair but still wore a wig. I am hoping with the cold cap more of it stays and no wig!! Glad to hear you are working aswell. I too hope to be able to work through my chemo. Need the money i am afraid.