I am alive !!

Hi all,

I am alive after my surgery ! So happy ha ha !! Just about to go home so will catch up soon.

Onwards and upwards !


Thought you might be!!! Glad you seem to be so upbeat - great when it’s over isn’t it? Now you can sit back and get waited on - too good a chance to miss! xxxxxxxxx

Never doubted it, Jeanette. Now be good, recover well, and onwards and upwards! ?

I remember that feeling, waking up, “is it done?!”
Then a ‘netflix & chill’ weekend.
Very definitely onwards & upwards Jeanette, all the very best with it all…
ann x



Yay that is fabulous, now time to recuperate xxx

Good for you, Jeanette! Have a great, long and happy life. That is what I wish for you. :slight_smile: