I am back to this Forum

I am back to this Forum

I am back to this Forum Hi Girls - I am delighted to say I am back to this forum after a few weeks with the secondary forum. I just can’t believe it - my consultant was almost certain that three suspicious nodules in the lungs were mets but due to the position, couldn’t take a biopsy - so off I went to St. Thomas’ last week for a PET scan which I thought was just to confirm his believe…well, the PET scan has not shown that they are secondaries. At present, we don’t know what they are and he is going to do another chest x-ray in a few months time.

For the time being, I am delighted at the news that it looks like I just have breast cancer…news that actually devastated me two months ago, is now like a walk in the park.

I was offered my original treatment - WLE and chemo or chemo first and have opted for chemo first, just in case the lungs are not as harmless as I hope…

It is so lovely to be back here - although I have to admire the courage and knowledge of the secondary forum…

If Healtherellis reads this, would be great to hear how you are…

Much love and hugs to you all…


Hello Heather

I’ve been following your posts and am delighted to read your news. How marvellous to find out that you haven’t got mets after all.

Good luck with your chemo.

Love Anthi

thats brilliant news! have a fab weekend love sharonx

Heather, I am delighted to hear this news also. I have followed your posts as well & was sorry to hear of your original diagnosis, so I can only imagine how you are feeling just now !! Take care of yourself and I am sure you will keep us up to date how your treatment is progressing !

Love Lorri xx

oh good! Hi Heather,
Ive been thinking of you a lot lately as I knew you had these tests coming, and I am so pleased that these nodules are probably not secondaries. I really appreciated your reply to my post a couple of weeks ago which was so kind and gave me a feeling that I was not alone in this.
In a way, youre now in my position in that I have one nodule on my lung which my consultant treated as an ‘incidentaloma’ as he put it i.e. probably just an incidental finding since they have no reason to believe at this stage that it is a secondary although they cant rule it out either (scary bit!). Unlike your consultant, however, he didnt feel it was worth the worry of carrying out further tests and has just planned my treatment regardless! I have had to invest a huge amount of trust in him. I have had mastectomy, lymph node clearance, and am going to have chemotherapy next.
Your finding has given me a huge lift in that somebody is getting good news for a change…! it also helps me to believe what my consultant told me i.e. that it is probably nothing to worry about! I have the results from my lymph node clearance coming next week and Im dreading it as I just seem to get one lot of bad news after another… maybe the chain will be broken this time!
Love Pauline x

Heather you must be so relieved.As you are aware we could all be posting on the secondaries and I admire the courageous posts I read there. I always read them anyway and feel I am travelling this road with all members of this site. Even the younger women even though I am 56!!. Love Eileen

Glad your back Hi Heather

So pleased for you.

Love Lesley x

Welcome Back ! Hi Heather

I’m so so pleased to hear your news - you offered me a lot of support when I first joined the forum and I’ve often wondered about you and how you’re getting on. To hear it hasn’t spread is fantastic news - when I have my down days I often think of the women who are worse off than me, when all I have to deal with is a mastectomy and lymph node clearance at the end of the day.

Anyway, once again, really pleased to hear you’re ok.

Lots of love

Julie xxx

Thanks to you all What a lovely welcome back I have had from you all - it is lovely to know how we all follow each other’s progress and support each other in the highs and lows of our treatments. We all know how the rest of us feel and can empathise with the emotions. There is no other place like it.

Again many thanks for the support …

Much love

Hi Heather As you know, I am so relieved and pleased for you xx

See you in the chemo ward at QE then…if not before!



Glad you’re back! Hi Heather,

glad you’re back with us! I have to say I was worried sick when I read your post about the surgey not going ahead as planned due to possible secondaries on your lungs. I really felt for you.

Its mad how the goal posts change isn’t it?! One minute being diagnosed with bc seems the worst thing in the world, then comes along the possibilty that it could’ve spread and suddenly the bc alone doesn’t seem quite as unbearable.

Not long after reading your post a few weeks ago, saying that you were off to the secondaries pages I was awaiting my CT scan. I was worried sick as 25/28 nodes removed were affected. Getting the CT scan result was actually worse that getting my other test results, god knows how!! Anyhoo, results were pretty good, no spread to lungs. liver etc. There was a tiny spot of something somewhere on my spine but the onc feels this is totally unrelated and nothing at all to worry about. Easier said than done! Off for a bone scan on thurs, just for a baseline I’m assured.Still won’t stop me worrying though no doubt!

Anyway, welcome back and I wish you all the best with your forthcoming treatment,

Take care,