I am back!!

I am back!!

I am back!! I posted here at Christmas,I had a Mastectomy,in January,no further treatment needed,for which I was sooooooooooo glad,and now I am getting well.What I wanted to say was…I feel so much better now,six weeks on,frightened to say it really,but I do,so relieved its over,and I am feeling like my old self now,I have the nasty old wound,yes its awfulmbut I feel its a small price to pay,for being here still,now I have lots of questions,is this the right part of the Forum.
I ahave a fatty flappy bit at the side where your Bra goes under the arm,sometimes its fatter tgan others and it still fells numb do you have that?
ok,I had my proper prothethiesis(cant spell it) false boob! two weeks ago,and its too heavy so I am going back this week to see what else they can offer me,have you had this problem.
I am 61 so I am not going to have re constructive surgery,it has been offered,but I dont think I could go through that,if I was younger like a lot of you are,I would,but I will stay as I am.
Do you get stiff cramping sensations across your chest?

I know its early days for me but I am curious as to how others are getting on.
If anyone wants to E mail me feel free,I would love a pen friend.
I cant help but feel positive now,amd I alone?

— Hi nannypat,

I’m fairly new to these forums - and like you am 61. I’ve had 2 mastectomies - different times, last one in 2000. I use Anita Equitex boobs - they are very light and have a pocket in the back that you can fill with supplied wadding - both sites of my ‘ex-boobs’ are quite uneven so this helps. I know you don’t need that - but they are soooooo light. As you can gather I opted for no reconstructs - and live very happily with that decision. I have always had the stiff cramping sensations you describe - sometimes like a tight band across my chest - but over the years it has just become part of me and doesn’t bother me at all. It’s not that anything is wrong - its just how it is. You sound so positive so soon after your op it’s good to hear. I found for me it lasted too - I suppose some of us have that sort of disposition. I always found such relief in just getting it sorted. I hope you keep posting so we can follow how you get on. Lovely to make contact.


— Thanks for the reply Dawn,yes I am getting used to the cramping,at first it was a bit frightening,but as you say I am getting used to it now.I have got two booklets from companies with bras etc in,and have got one and sent for another,I saw the boobies with light weight thingys in,so if the NHS dont sort me out I quess I will drain the bank balance and get of of theres,is there somewhere special you got yours,I dont know if we can name companies on here?
Have you had any Hot Flushes come back since you ops,I thought mine had finished,I have had a hysterrectomy,ages ago,but since have my op,I have had some big ones! hope they will not return now ha ha.


— Hi Pat,

i was just doing a reply to you when I clicked the back button to read your last post - dont do it - you lose your posting!!! So I have to start again.

I was asking if you had any chemo treatment - but now I have looked back I found the answer…no further treatment.

I also had a hysterectomy ages ago - when I was 38. BC was first diagnosed at age 45 and I remember well the hot flushes after the first chemo treatment. I didn’t have surgery the first time - just chemo and rads. and oh boy did I have hot flushes - a lifetimes worth rolled into 5 minutes. But they stopped after the treatment. Was your diag. ER/PR+? I don’t know if anyone at our age gets that sort of diag. Mine certainly wasn’t - even at 45.

I found Eloise (Suffolk), and Nicola Jane (Chichester) very helpful with post mastectomy stuff. They also have websites. But you should be able to get the prosthesis on the NHS. I don’t know which hospital looks after you - but I am at the Royal Marsden in Sutton and they have their own prosthetics person. They have lots of samples to try and can get anything to order. But you certainly shouldn’t have to pay for it. They cost around £100 a piece. I need a pair and the NHS replace them every 2 years. It also occurred to me that you are not very long post-op so you would probably still find a full weight prosthesis uncomfortable. Keep in touch

Love, Dawn

— Hello Dawn,what is EP/PR ? yes I suppose it is early days,so perhaps thats why it feels heavy,I am at Barnet Hospital,they have been wonderful,they have a lady come in to deal with the boobies,so thats who I will see on Wednesday.
You sound ok,hope all is well with you.I am a Craft person,I have been making Birthday Cards etc for a couple of years now for the family and friends,sometimes I sell a few,and I do Scrapbooking,as I am at home I can please myself all day,it does get a bit too much sometimes but on the whole it has been so very important in keeping me busy,I have started doing a few bits again this week,and the computer of course,I have to use my left hand for the mouse,but am able to type more or less ok.So I try to keep busy.


ER & PR Hello Pat,
ER (oestrogen) and PR (progesterone) is your hormone receptor status. They are biomarkers (HER2 is another) from cancer tumours and the status of the biomarkers enables the doctors to decide what, if any, futher treatment a patient needs. For example, if you were ER positive and PR positive, you might be offered a hormonal drug like Arimidex.

If you want to go through your pathology report with a doctor or breast care nurse, they should be happy to explain the results to you. If you don’t want that detail, just concentrate on your recovery and doing the things you enjoy.

best wishes


— Ok then,well The surgeon did give me the info when I saw him,I had DCIS and it was quite lage but he says nothing further is needed,he is very happy it was all dealt with,I dont want too many details i dont think,as you say,he is happy I am “Happy” so on wards.Thank you.What a helpful site this is,I am so glad I logged on here.