I am going M A D

I’ve just waited the whole summer holidays away. I was dx on the last day of term 19 July and waited for a date for my WLE and sentitel node biopsy. Previously to this I waited twice for biopsy results. Now of course I’m waiting for outcome of surgery. Thursday Thursday Thursday. It is driving me mad all this waiting. I keep thinking I must write a list of questions. Any ideas please as I’ll forget if I dont write the questions and answers down.
Still waiting, and waiting…
love and sorry
Vanessa wanting a rant!!

No Vanessa your not going M A D!

I know what you mean about waiting. I was dx on 3rd July, went in last thursday for WLE, reduction and node biopsy. Now I have to wait till Friday to see my surgeons, mad dash from one hospital to another. It’s the not knowing about spread for me now… I was o.k. up until surgery.

Anyway it’s not long till thursday, and the ladies are here if you feel the need to rant a little more, and the one thing about this site is you never have to say sorry.

Good luck

Maggie x

What questions should I ask? Grade, Stage? Anything else?

Do you know the rest of your treatment plan?


I understand where you are coming from - I was diagnosed 30th July and having surgery tomorrow. Quadranectomy ?sp and sentinal node biopsy. We seem to always be waiting for results. I have to go back for mine a week next wednesday.
Good Luck for your results.
I think the waiting is worse than the actually knowing - I am a planner and like to be in control so hate this not really knowing what I can or can not plan.
As for questions - not sure.
Keep us updated. Take care

Hi Jellybe I believe the rest of my treatment plan depends on the results on Thursday. So it really is a big day. The BCN told me way back when I was dx that as I’m 37 they will throw the book at me. Chemo, Rads etc. So everything hems on Thursday. I’m impatient with my girls 7 and 4, and of course it’s the school holidays so they are waiting with me so to speak. Everything is on hold!! Doing my 'ead in!
waiting… Vanessa xx


Good Luck with your surgery.


I had surgery 10 days ago. I have full movement back and feel almost normal (physically). I only spent one night in hospital. You lucky thing only having to wait a week!! I loved hospital, have a good rest and I hope you meet lots of lovely ladies like I did.

For once I have age on my side, and if nodes are clear, may only need rads. My children went back to school the day I had my op, but then again they are teenagers so they are being very helpful.

Hi All
Can i just recommend getting a note book. I still have mine now its been great. When a question came into my head i would write it in. sometimes it was not relevant by the time i got to the hosp sometimes it was very relevant.
I even got all the girls names from the ward and we have remained wonderful friends, infact going out for a meal next Tuesday.

I was a wreck at results appts and hubby often asked things, i never heard alot of the answers. If you need too ask them to write things down in your book then you can look over it.

I have had about 6 months now without scans etc etc and its been great, it never goes away really the fear of results. Sept/Oct loom ahead for me and its seeing my surgeon Sept, Onc appt and the dreaded mammogram.

Thinking of you all girls and hoping for good results, you will cope with treatment, keep posting.

Hi Vanessa

I always ask for what they have told me to be sent to me in writing, as it is hard to take everything in on the day you are given your results. The Surgeon usually writes to your GP with your results, so ask for a copy of the letter.


I have robbed one of the girls notebooks! Good idea. I didnt realise that Julie, thank you… What’s happening to you now Julie? Are you to have any other treatment?

Hi there
I ordered the Resource Pack, primary breast cancer and it is just fantastic
There’s a smart A5 folder with different topic areas and - someplace for any notes - questions to ask etc. plus a pen. Plain green so nobody seeing it would guess and poly pockets for appointment cards/ leyyers etc etc The rings are standard size so any other A5 stuff will fit (A5 is half of A4 btw)
I have this in my “going to hospital” bag , along with wetwipes, drinks, book, purse - the essentials for outpatients. Both my BC and chemo nurses were well impressed - as are everyone else i see.

Thank you BCC - that resource pack really was/ is just the job

I have something very similar given to me by the BCN provided by the Wessex Cancer Trust. Yes it’s written all over it so people dont know what to say to you! So thoughtful! I dont mind the waiting in hospital bit as I get to read all the too expensive to buy magazines! Plus I love people watching (dont get out much)!!!


My surgeon gave me photocopies of the lab reports which was great as I never remembered all the things I wanted to ask and I could study the reports at home. See if yours will do the same.
Good luck for Thursday
Take care
Love Anthi

Now that’s a good one. I will ask and see. Each time I’ve been there it has been a shock so havent actually thought much. I’m ready this time and ammo’d up… Thanks ladies xxx Vanessa