I am in a dilemma

I have had a mastectomy chemo and rads for breast cancer that was er and pr positive aggressive. I am a her 2 positive and have been offered herceptin. My grandfather and grandmother both had heart problems. My grandfather died at the age of 62 due to heart problems and angina. My mother suffers with high blood pressure and high cholesterol to which she has medication and aspirin daily. I as a pcos (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) suffer am unsure as everything i have read regarding herceptin says i would be at risk with hereditary heart problems that are in the family. The oncologist seem to know very little about the pcos and if there would be any advantages and disadvantages in my having herceptin with pcos. As i am feeling very unsure.
Please can someone help me as i have to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.


Your heart is monitored before starting herceptin and every 3 months there after, I had 6 echocardiograms in total.

I was also ER+ PR+ and Her2+, I personally took eveything, all the treatments can cause quite serious side effects, chemo isn’t too friendly on the heart either.

I was 37 at diagnoses and mine was aggressive and had started to go walkies, hoping the herceptin will get me the same odds as those with better prognosis.


I’ve been on herceptin now for 2 years+ now and am also on my fourth type of chemo due to secondarires. I also have PCOS but i consider the risk of not contiunig herceptin to be greater than the heart risk from PCOS. As previously said, they monitor your heart function 3 monthly and it is quite common for the heart function to drop but picks up really quickly if they reduce the dose or have a break.
My heart function has now dropped to 55% in the last 4 months but was previously between 65 - 75% for the previous 18 months of herceptin so know am at the bottom limit but I’ve had a lot of chemo and have lung secondaries and other mets which are impeding my heart as well.
In your position, i would have herceptin and ensure they monitir as per guidelines with 3 monthly echos.
Good luck

hi all

im getting a wee bit worried as i am er+ pr- her+. i thought this meant my cancer was easier to treat. now reading some of the above posts it seems that i am not in as good a position as i was made to believe.

a very worried maria


No matter what dx you have, be it triple neg, er/pr/her2 positive, er/pr neg/her2 pos, the prognosis for each covers the whole spectrum. As things are currently triple negs treatment options are chemo/rads, er/pr positive/her2 neg have chemo/rads & hormonal drugs, and er/pr pos/her2 positive have chemo/rads/hormonals and herceptin. So as you will see from that - all the options are open to you for treatment. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account to make a prognosis such as age, size of tumour, lymph node involvement etc. but that prognosis will be based on statistics - and none of us are a statistic - we are individuals and a lot of us defy all the statistics!!!

A totally amateur perspective! but based on 18 years living with this disease.