I am pleased, but.

I know this sounds a bit crazy but I just wondered if anyone else felt the same as me on this one.

I was diagnosed in December last year at 29 with tripple neg. Had surgery in Jan and was lucky enough to have clear lymph nodes. Then onto chemo. It was all been very busy and gone very quickly, I have worked as much as I could throughout it all to keep myself busy. Anyway I am about to have my last chemo in two weeks and trust me I am very pleased that it is coming to an end finally, but I am also starting to get more scared about it. I still have rads to go but I’m really not worried about them. I think it’s the fact that to be honest I really haven’t had that much time to think about things, and once chemo finishes I think I’m going to have to face what has happened in the last 8 months. I am grateful that chemo is finishing and that I’ve been lucky with the side effects, I just wondered if anyone else got this.


kells80 - I am not the same as you (no chemo and not triple neg), but I did feel like you do when rads had finished. There are some threads on here with others saying the same. Whilst having treatment, we concentrate on getting through and afterwards we have more time to dwell on the awfulness of it all. I have said elsewhere that I became emotional during my rads follow-up appt with my oncologist and she seemed surprised. That was in February but following that and with the coming of the better weather, I gradually started to feel better.

It is all very traumatic and it is no surprise that you should feel as you do - not crazy at all.

Love Ann x

Hi K,
Yes i felt like this to , i think when we are first DX everything happens so fast ,with so many hospital visits,treatents ect, everything seems so sureal , i know i felt like i was outside looking in on someone else life. we just seem to get our heads down and go into some kind of auto pilot( well i did anyway) so we dont have time to realy think about all thats happening to us.
Well done on getting to your last chemo its a great feeling when you get to the end, though i know i had mixed feeling about it too, the Rads i found were a doddle after going through chemo (though i know some people are not so lucky)i think the worst thing about rads was the daily hospital visits for treatment i had 23 in all 15 whole breast and 8 boosters to tumour site, its very quick and although i got a bit red towards the end it was fine, keep useing the cream they give you it realy helps.
Like you i dont think the impact of what i was going through realy hit me till i finished treatment (still on Tamoxifen)and i found it hard to adjust to my “new normal” as it were, my life revolved around the next hospital appoinment/treatment and it was only when id finished chemo and rads that i had time to think about everything that had happened to me, i think for most of us this is the hardest time of all emotionaly.
There is a realy good artical by DR Peter Harvey called After Treatment Finishes - Then What? which is ofen posted on here which says so well what we all feel after treatment ,i copied it and kept it as it explains exactly how i was feeling,
You have been through such a lot so try and be kind to yourself , what you are feeling is definately normal, but it does get better i promise.
Good luck with the rest of your treatments , take care of yourself and all the very best .

I felt exactly the same, and in retrospect I should have expected it. I have four more weeks of rads (of 7 total) to go - but felt very upset at the end of chemo. Have dealt with it by throwing myself into research on diet and lifestyle to see what else I can do to fight the cancer alongside the medical treatment. It has been an eye-opener, and even though I have secondaries, I now feel much more confident about my prognosis.