Is there any way anyone can get hold of her…just for peace of mind. She has also joined another website and nothing there either. Does anyone know how to get hold of her other than email, my emails just come back. I am so very worried for her now, she gets so depressed…I just so want to help to make sure she is ok. Love Roz xx


No news. I was worrying about Elaine earlier.

Margaret x

I’ve just emailed to you Margaret…let me know if you get it - thanks

ive rang her but havnt had any reply either, i think she ay be on a downer at the moment and will come back when shes ready, but as you say it is worrying isnt it. lynn xx

Hello everyone, I am back just been locked away for a while with depression, trying to drag myself out of it but its tough at the moment. Thanks for your good wishes will be back on top form as soon as the meds kick in. Hate this roller coaster ride of emotions, they are going on far to long and I do not know what to do for the best. Just crying all the time and want to get well. Dont go on cyber hols without me will you…thanks again everyone for being there.

Speak soon