I am scared!!

Hi guys,
I am new to this site so bare with me.
Just five years ago this month,
I had aggressive breast cancer, and it spread to my lymph nodes. I had chemo, radiotherapy and take tamoxifen amongst other things.
I went for my annual mammogram a few weeks ago and have been recalled.
I am very confused, I have been having these mammograms ever since the cancer and the have been no problems.
I am concerned!
Please give me honest feedback!



Hello and welcome to the forum where i am sure that you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


I can understand your concern and it is difficult to do it but try not to worry as it could be something other than bc xx

I’m new to this site as I’ve also had a recall letter after US I’m only 34 an the scanner who I think was a doc said he couldn’t see anything now a recall a week later… So although I can’t be much help in answering Ur questions as I’m new to all this I saw u had no replies so thought I’d say Ur not alone and hopefully if it has come bk (which chances r slim so I’ve read) as least u know early as u have regular checks good luck x

So I went to see specialist on Thursday at 7pm which I thought they were going to scan then but was just a specialist to have a feel he said could feel the lump on the left breast but also had a feel of the right breast where my last cyst was he said he felt something deep in that side too he then said he was quietly confident that they were cysts an said I needed to come bk on Saturday for the actual US no mammogram he also said at the time he wanted a biopsy done, he said ask them to do there if they have time and if not send me bk to him an he will do it.

So went for scan last sat the doc was in the room for about three minutes dismissed the biopsy the other doc had mentioned didn’t even lay a finger on the lump in left or the right, brushed over both breast wiv US an said looks like dence tissue/lumps an left saying I’d get report in six weeks.

I’m unsure what to do now I know an mean I know this lump is new as I’m aware I have dence breast an have always checked them it deffo wasn’t there when I had a cyst a few months ago. And if everyone can feel this lump but it’s not a cyst should I push for more tests

Hi Vixx 84
I recently found a lump in one breast… I went for a private ultrasound and the sonographer said I needed immediate biopsies. Also said I had the densest breast tissue she’d ever seen. I also have many cysts. I went to my local NHS hospital as I am on their high risk screening. My husband came with me and they tried to send us away 3 times as I’d been given an appointment already for a fortnights time. We pushed for a consultation that day- it was unpleasant to have to do that but eventually one of the breast surgeons agreed to see me. Thank goodness she did!! I had mammograms and US that day and also a biopsy on right side. They said they weren’t worried about the left even though the private sonograoher thought she’d seen a complex cyst. When I went back for my results I was told I had IDC on the right side. I then said I’d felt a new lump on the left. The consultant said she wasn’t worried when she felt it and thought it was just a cyst. However, I was booked in for an MRI to check there were no other areas of concern. Well the MRI showed the rumour on the right was larger than they originally thought and also the area on the left looked suspicious. I had further US and biopsies but this time radiographer has said he thinks I do also have a tumour on left which biopsies will confirm. It’s horrible having to wait around for results as the uncertainty is hard to bear… Sorry for the long winded nature of my reply but the upshot is that, although it’s horrible having to do it, I really believe you should push for further tests. Dense breast tissue makes scans hard to read so you should be offered further tests. Be brave, be bold and push for what you want. I will be thinking of you. Good luck!!

Just wanted to say I’m sorry you have had a recall letter especially given your previous history. It’s understandable you are concerned. I was recalled after a yearly mammogram last year. On that occasion I had no other symptoms and when I had the ultrasound it showed numerous cysts which were benign. I hope that you will also have reassuring news. Take Care