i am starting to worry, can someone please re-assure me..

I am not sure exactly where to start, i have had breast surgery 2 years ago for cosmetic reasons. However i was not free from problems, and i had to have further corrective surgery including a skin graft this was all on my left breast. Now ever since this happened i have always had cares about this breast as it caused me so much stress, worry and further surgey.

About Nov time last year i found a lump in my left breast, however i was going through a really bad time and ignored the lump thinking it was something to do with my implants. I regular feel this lump and believe it has grown in size. I also get regular discomfort in my left breats which i can only describe as itchy pain that is on the side of the breast, my lump is on the bottom of the breast almost underneath. Then in March this year i removed a white bra that i was wearing to notice taht a mole on my left breast had been bleeding. This prompted me to make an appointment to see my GP, couldnt get to see my normal doctor so took the first available appointment to see any doctor. He was hopeless, didnt check my breast, looked at the mole and referred me to a skin specialist.

My appointment was for August, i explained everything to her and she was fab. She examined the mole and told me it was fine and nothing to worry about, however she felt my lump and wanted to get it seen by a breast specialist at the breast clinic. I am now waiting on the referral to come through and this is why i am worrying as time os ticking on and my breasts are now noticeably different in size. They were practically same size as i had an uplift with an implant so they were as good as identical in size and the lump has grown and my left breats is about 2 sizes bigger.

Now i am probably worrying about nothing, but i am getting my self in a bit of a tizz because on all breast cancer leaflets, internet etc there is never any mention for people who ahve implants, what to feel for and how the screening works if you have implants. So i was wondering if there is anyone on here that has any knowledge of this area?

Your help is greatly appreciated


Hi Vicky,

You’ve come to the right place for support as the many informed users of this site have a wealth of information and experience between them.

While you are waiting for replies could I suggest that you give the helpline here a ring and have a confidential chat with one of the breast care nurses who are here to support you through this. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open at 9am today until 5pm (Mon-Fri) and Sat 9-2.

Hope this helps. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

hi vicky
please try not to worry, but you have done the right thing in getting the lump check,the waiting is horrid, but once you now what it is and there is a number of different things you will feel better, i sincerely hope you get the right outcome
luv julie x

Hi Vicky,
I hope this E-mail helps to reasurre you in some way. So that you don’t panic I am a member of this site as I desperately needed advice in relation to my best friend who has breast cancer.
I have implants and like you a year ago I found a lump in the top of my breast. At first I tried to ignore it and put it down to the implant but after a month of constantly feeling it and it growing bigger I couldn’t ignore it any longer. So originally I went back to my cosmetic surgeon who then referred me to the London Breast Clinic. There they confirmed that there was a lump and instantly did like an ultra sound on my breast. Apparently when you have implants this is the clearest way for them to see the breast. Thankfully the consultant was able to tell from that the lump was no more than fatty tissue and after taking evening primrose oil tablets for 6 weeks I went back for another ultra sound and the lump had disappeared. Fingers crossed the outcome will be the same for you.
I have since discovered another lump and have been having shooting pains from my armpit to my breast. I am going to see a breast specialist on Thursday and I am praying that the outcome is the same as before.
I totally sympathise with your position and will be thinking about you.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support it means a lot to me. I do keep telling myself it will be fine and im worrying about nothing but sometimes it can be hard to accpet that and i guess the what if starts to play on your mind.

I do have a few lumps in my breast but some is scar tissue and the lump underneath does not feel the same, it feels almost like the implant if that makes sense. It doesnt feel like fatty tissue for sure. But im trying to stay positive, my mantra over the last 12 months has been, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger so i keep telling myself this and hope im worrying over nothing.

I ahve had a really tough 12 months and have only just got myself back into a position of strentgh and i guess im thinking i dont want to have anything spoil this now!

I genuinely hope everything is ok for you scarlettgirl, i think i will be purchasing some evening primrose oil tablets to start taking immediately.

This site is amazing, thanks for your responses


Good bless you. Try your best and don’t so worry.

logiciel emailing

I would echo the comments of the others. I have not experienced the same situation as you, but realise how scary it is for you. It could vbe a number of things, and the waiting is really scary as your mind is probably working overtime. I hope and pray all goes well for you.


I have now got my appointment through for the breast clinic, i ended up going back to my doctors as the hospital was unable to refer me as it was a different clinic!!

I am totally worried, the lump is defo growing and when i touch it i feel sickim not sure if this is in my mind but i genuinely get such a nausea just from touching the lump. I am totally paranoid that im hooked to checking every website going which i know is wrong and that 9/10 lumps are not breast cancer but i just have this nagging worry that im that 1/10. I can only explain this to the gut feeling i got when i was pregnant, i didnt need to do the test i just knew!

Do everyone feel like this and then get proved wrong?

I only have now until Thursday to wait, the waiting is the worst part and the not knowing and my mind is going through every situation and i guess then what ever happens i am prepared mentally for what ever outcome.

I am normally such a positive person and defo a half full person so totally surprised by my thoughts over this. I am putting it down to the trouble i went through with having the boob job done in the first place. Then i start thinking, i wonder if it was always there and that was why i suffered but surely the surgeon wouuld have known that doing the breast augumentation and mastoplexy?

I am sorry to be a pain and ask such random questions especially when hopefully my concerns turn into nothing. I feel guilty for having such negative thoughts over something that might not be when i know people on here have real concerns as they have bc and mine is all ifs buts and may bes.

Thanks tons for the help


Hi Vicky
Hope you got a good report from your appointment. But if not Good Luck. Have been through the mill, there is life on the other side of the treatment. Do not despair but make use of all the help and advice you can get. Cannot advise you on what to do or who to see as I live on the other side of the worldm,Aus. But wish you all the best.