I bought a saxophone!

Well, why not?! That’s the sort of thing you normally do when you’re half-way through chemotherapy, isn’t it!!! Even if I don’t feel well enough to play it, I can still polish it and stroke it! I used to play clarinet years but always yearned for a saxophone and at the grand old age of 36, I decided it was now or never. Hurrah for ebay - got a nice second-hand bargain - fingers crossed that I get it before Xmas. Maybe it’s the drugs making me do these mad things, ha ha!

Why not indeed! Well done, nice Xmas pressie for yourself.

Cecelia. x

Hi Nicola,
what a great idea. my daughter has just started playing the clarinet and it makes a wonderful sound (well some of the time anyway!). I bought a new horse when i’de finished my chemo - of course i promptly fell off ! My Doctor said if it had been her she’de have bought a new handbag - probably safer but not such fun! Won’t be long before the chemo is behind you and you can have a good blast on the Sax (hope it dosn’t get crushed in the Christmas post!)

Hi Nicola, Well done! Hope you enjoy learning to play your sax, sounds like wonderful therapy. My sister used to play (many years ago now) and it is a lovely sound. A x


My son age 11 has been playing the sax for 2 years and has just passed his Grade II exam, its lovely to hear now (although a bit painful when he first started.

Good luck with your playing


Nice one! Bet your neighbours love you!!
You have a blast…no pun intended.