I catch every bug going!!!

Just wondered if you wouldn’t mind me having a moan…since my treatment ended(still on tamoxifen though),had chemo and rads ,last rads was dec 06.so it is a while back…i still seem to catch any bug thats going,colds,flu throat infections ear infections,…it really gets me down…I have been back at work since apr 07,am finally learning to live alongside my cancer experience,but the physical ailments im always getting really bugs me big time,i try to live healthily…it couldnt possibly be connected back to the cancer treatment can it…i keep bobbing along take my cough cold etc etc remedys from the chemist…but it gets on my nerves…so sorry its nothing in the grand scheme of things just wanted to have a moan,best wishes…D…x

Hi Longden, know where you are coming from , I am the same. Finished chemo and rads November 06, Iwas really well all through treatments, but I have been to my doctor more times in the last two years than in all my life. Throat infections, eye infections, an abcess, now a frozen shoulder…!
I a thinking that perhaps chemo knocks out all the antibodies you have built up over the years and you have to start over again, like a child

Best wishes


oh thanks Marge,for your reply, me too was fine throughout treatment and was never at the docs before diagnosis,now is a very different story…Debrax