I Dont Beleive It

I Dont Beleive It

I Dont Beleive It Hi ya,

I was dx last june with grade 3 BC and effected lymph nodes … I endured 8 cycles of chemo ( AC & taxotere) followed by a WLE & lymph node clearance and then 5 weeks of radiotherapy … Has been a long old battle with too many setbacks but I was finally starting to enjoy life.

However I had my first check up a couple of weeks and to cut a long story short cancer was detected in the fatty tissue under my arm, I had it surgically removed and surgeon assured me it had all been removed.
I have since had a bone scan & CT scan and the results are due in tomorrow morning so as you can imagine I’m scared, very scared.

Has anyone else had this problem … if so what happened with treatments etc ??

Any advise would be gratefully received

Thanks xx

recurrence I had stage3 grade3 with 2 lymph nodes involved in 2001. 8 sessions of chemo 25 radiation and tamoxifen. Dec 2002 I noticed a funny lump under my armpit, went to see onc, was told it was nothing, but insisted on being seen again a few weeks later. A biopsy was taken and it was a bit of lymph tissue which had been missed. I had more radiotherapy to Auxilla and was offered some form of tablet chemo (cannot remember name), but I refused because I couldn’t do chemo again. I was then put on Zoladex and Arimidex, had ovaries removed last year, I am still well with no sign of disease and feel great.
Some times little pieces of tissue get let behind and have the ability to grow again, but it is still the original cancer.
I hope this is the same for you. and all your results are good tomorrow

Ann s

bone scan hi i had chemo before mastectomy last oct then more chemo after surgery followed by rads and am no on arimadex but ive just been told i need a bone scan as i have a few funny places near scar site that are giving me pain , so now im waiting for the appiontment and the worry of reacuurance is obviously on my mind again and i was just about to retups hope your results are ok rn to work after 18 mnths out!!lovelynn x

Hi, thanks for your comments … as per normal I take great comfort knowing that Im not alone. Family & friends are great but sometimes they just dont get it !! Anyway, I got all my results back and thankfully everything was clear … scans, bloods etc so am cancer free HOORAY !!! As a precaution Ive got to endure another 4 cycles of chemo but this time round its in tablet form so am just hoping its not as severe as AC & taxotere. Consultant has even agreed to let me return to work a couple of days a week. Here’s hoping to a good summer xxx