I feel empowered!

Hello Ladies
Having had cold cap whilst receiving epirubicin and not losing much hair, I was devastated when I started CMF and the unit told me that they do not use cold cap whilst on this combination. I have now had two cycles of CMF and my hair is coming out in handfuls… hair everywhere! In some places where I’ve lost the most, it has already started to grow back! So about 10 minutes ago, I shaved my head and wish I’d done it ages ago!

I feel so in control. And as I was born with a headful of black hair, I have never seen pics of myself bald and you know what… I don’t look bad!

Now I can look forward to it growing back! And wear my wig without the awful head cap that dug in and gave me a headache!!!

Thanks for reading!!

Love Carly x

Well done Carly! It does feel good to take charge instead of letting the drugs call all the shots. The hair loss is hard but it is temporary and a good reminder of that was the Kylie Minogue concert that was broadcast the other night. Did you see it? I’d taped it and was watching it tonight. Wow! She looks fantastic (boobs and hair as well as all the rest of her!). It was really inspiring to see her strutting her stuff again!


Hi Carly

It is a good feeling to take the decision and not be dictated by this thing and constantly be worrying about whether it’s going to go or not.

I even feel a bit of relief that my eyelashes have now pretty much gone (after final Tax but with head hair coming back, weird!) as I heard that could happen and was worried about that too. It doesn’t look so bad either, with a slick of liquid eyeliner no one has even noticed so far!

Cecleia. x

Thanks Ladies!
Woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and giggled! Have purchased some scalp lotion from the USA developed by an Oncologist to help with hair regrowth called ChemoRx. Smells like 10 day old stewed cabbaged but is full of vitamins and stuff. It felt so good massaging it in to my scalp although I think I now smell quite savoury!!

My Dad recorded Kylie for me as I had my first night out on Saturday since my diagnosis. Can’t wait to watch it.

I lost my eyelashes after first CMF, but they are now back and beautiful! Also rubbed offf half an eyebrow in my sleep!! Thank goodness for cosmetics!

Carly x