I feel overwhelmed "help"

Hi all
I can’t seem to find the words to explain how I feel. It is back again and this time I’m not sure I can cope. Cancer has been a part of my life for nearly twenty years. Over the last five we have managed it …with drugs,surgery.chemo and in December rad. Over the last few weeks I know it is kicking off once again…pain and "knobbly bits have become more noticable …sight and touch. I am taking Oramorph to take the edge off. I have moved an appointment forward and I am off to see the man tomorrow…I just don’t know what to do next…I feel as if I am drowning …blimey this sounds so doooooooomy…but today this is how I feel.
Love to all Onetit x

Hi Babe,
I am so sorry you’re feeling so down, but it’s hardly surprising. It’s like the bottom falls out of your world each time there’s another scare or bad news.
I’m glad you have an appointment tomorrow and don’t have to wait any longer than that. But knowing there’s an end to the waiting is only the half of it. You just get so tired of it all don’t you?
You say ‘we’ have managed it - Does that mean you have supportive partner/family around you? I really hope so. Hope you have a special someone to come with you and support you tomorrow too.
I wish you good news tomorrow,
Jacquie x

Hi onetit,

Like Jacquie I am sorry to hear you are feeling so down at the moment. You are quite the battler by the sound of it but right now you sound as if you could do with a good rest from the bl**dy awful disease. You seem to be in tune with your body but I would like to think that your fears of ‘it kicking off again’ turns out to be harmless.

It is good that you can visit this site to express your concerns especially if you either don’t have anyone at home to unload on or have someone but don’t like unloading.

Good luck with your appointment outcome.


Hi Onetit,
Thinking of you and hoping you’ll be able to come on here at some point and tell us how it went.

Hi chums
Thanks for your responces.
Well I was right …it’s back.
I started a 6 month course of Vinorelbine…given day one …day eight and then two weeks off.
Feel much more together now I know what we have to deal with.
I have a wonderful support network…but sometimes it’s hard to burden others. Thanks for listening to my rant.
I am off to Cyprus next week with bags of drugs to keep me on the " brighter side of life". I am going with my Mum who is 87 and great fun to travel with. I was born there and have never been back so I am really looking forward to it…
Let you all know how I fare.
Take care

Love Onetit xx

Love Onetit

So sorry that you are going through this. However, I am glad that now you now have “a plan” instead of looking into a black hole, and that this is enabling you to feel more in control. Going to Cyprus with your mum sounds wonderful, have a fabulous time. Please do let us know how everything goes and please come here any time for a good rant - we are all here for you. Good luck. Love Sarah xx

Hi Onetit,
I am sorry it was as you thought and the bu**er is back. I am glad they’ve got you started on some treatment already, the waiting is torture.
Have an absolutely fabulous time in Cyprus. It should be nicely warm i’d think, at this time of year? And have a good laugh with your Mum - she sounds an amazing woman!
Big hugs

hi Onetit,
I’m sure I remember you from posting a while back possibly on old forums??
So sorry to hear of your new diagnosis…hope you enjoy your holiday in Cyprus.
You know we’re always here for you.

karen xx

Very sorry to hear your news. I always liked your user name, very upfront. I’d like to go to cyprus, and to crete, are they nearby?


Hi Mole
So glad to see you are still about, Yes Crete is in the Med… North west of Cyprus …i think thats right. A map of the med… will point you in the direction.
How are you keeping?

take care now
love Onetit x

Hi Karen
Yes I have been posting on here for some years…Memory not as it was…did we Email each other. Sorry to be a bit vaige…but I had a massive comp.problem and lost email contacts…
Wish you a smiley tomorrow.
love Oneit x

sorry to hear that it’s back, and sorry that you have to face more treatment. I agree that is one wicked user name

Good thing is that you have Cyprus to look forward to tho and spending time with your Mum is always good.