I feel very let down and alone !!!!!!!!!

Hi Hope this experience Im having is not usual but with in the last three weeks ive been in and out of hospital and had alot of medical attention up until last Monday when they found all the problems Id been having were related to breast cancer .

On Wednesday I had a right Mastectomy was distcharged from hospital a few days later , since then I have sat at home with no contact from my doctors or breast nurse or any one to check wound is healing correctly ect .

I did contact my breast nurse as was waiting for them to call me , she did tell me she was really busy which I understand but said when her ladies wanted a chat they just left their number and were always called back !

At this moment in time I still dont feel like :one of their ladies :
I feel very alone and very sorry for myself and uncared for … Is this just me being silly or are these fellings normal or should I be reciving more care and tlc …

Lisa 39 yrs old

DEar Lisa

I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. During this very difficult time, we need all the help and support we can get – I felt the need for a while to be wrapped up in cotton wool and I certainly was for a while until I felt that I could cope better. You’ve been through a tremendously difficult time and I can understand you feeling let down and alone too. Before treatment and during treatment it’s like a whirlwind of appointments, procedures etc and then it all stops. I got myself involved in a local cancer centre where I went once a week or more if I needed, plus one of the hospitals I was treated at offered various free therapies so I kept myself occupied with things that helped me and made me feel a bit better. There are so many emotions to deal with that I’m not surprised you are feeling like this.

Sending you lots of hugs and hopefully others will come on here to help support and prop you up.
Ruby xxx

Hi Lisa

I’m very new to this and also have had little support from my breast nurse and lack of care whilst in hospital. Its very frightening and a difficult time as it is. Do give your breast nurse another call or even ask to speak to another breast nurse, they need to make time for you and help you. I had to make a number of visits with my wound after leaving hospital, so it is vital to make sure everything is healing alright with yourself.

Hope this helps a little

Sending hugs and support

Nikki (36 yr old)

Morning Lisa

Hope you are feeling ok. I found that I had to keep contacting my surgery with regards to wound healing etc but when i did there wasnt enough they could do for me. I think they think if we are keeping quiet then everything is ok. Phone your GP with any concerns you are having and keep calling your BCN.

The helpline here is wonderful if you have any worries.

Best wishes Judy

Thanks ladies im feeling better just reading your replys , Im very luck as I have lots and lots of friends and family support ( there’s been a different meal brought round each evening from my friends ,my husband thinks my friends are all better cooks than me !!!.)
I feel sorry for people out their that arnt getting the support Im getting from friend and family because its them thats getting me through this and my new friends on here not the medical staff which is ashame …

Thank you sending lots of hugs back …

Hi Lisa I know just how you feel, when they first told me I had cancer they said ring any time with any questions. So I was waiting for test results for another problem and they couldn’t do the op till they had the results which I understood. Anyway it has taken them a few weeks and I finally get to have my right breast mastectomy next Thursday. But when I called my breast care nurse up a few weeks ago because I was worried what was happening with the cancer while we waited, and she said to me “its no good ringing here we dont get the results, and if you stop ringing for the results you will probably stop getting upset”. So I thought thats it I wont ring her no more, my daughter was fuming because she was with me the day I was told, and she said why did she tell you to ring if they haven’t got time for you. I think what we need are just a few comforting words to let us know we are not alone, I know there are thousands of people out there going through the same things but it doesn’t make it any easier to bare. Whoops sorry got on my soap box a bit there lol, but I do understand what your going through, it is good you have loads of friends and family there to help, I have got a lot of support from my family and friends, but I feel sorry for the people that are alone. I am really dreading next Thursday coming, but I do want to get it over with.
Anyway Lisa I will send you some huggs and hope your feeling a bit better now.
Love Heather

lisa (((hugs))) the best support is here, I feel I have made friends with people who understand…with the best will in the world the bcn’s and hospt staff are professionals and to them its a job, some are better at it than others and more caring and compassionate like any other job, some just aren’t much cop at all!! I must admit as long as I get my treatment from the hospital and they’re pleasant to me when I’m there then that’ll do…friends and family have the hard job of supporting us and holding down life at the same time and are better at it usually. So what stage are you at now lisa with your bc - was it last week you had surgery? I have my second chemo session next wed…mary x
ps heather - will send you a pm…mary x

Hi Mary hugs back to you , yes this Monday it will of been 1 week that i found out , Im a bit concerned with my wound its very very soar and my arm and arm pit feel really tight , not sure if wound should feel this soar but cant even touch it , not sure how much pain I should put up with before contacting someone ???
Thanks for you advise again Mary hope chemo goes well xxxxx

Hi Lisa, So sorry you are having a very difficult time at the moment. I have been very lucky to have a very good BCN and surgery nurse. I am 3 weeks post surgery and have had lots of pain and tightness, I was at the surgery nurse yesterday to have her look at a small piece of my scar which isn’t healing, she gave me inadine and dressings. Also after surgery I was given exercises to do every day which were gentle to start with but helps get the arm mobile again, which will feel better but it does take a few weeks, it’s a slow process. Do you have a nurse in your doctor’s surgery or a district nurse? If you feel the BCN is not able to help you. Try your doctor. you should be getting your wound checked and if you are experiencing pain and discomfort please get someone to look at it. Also ask lots of questions to whoever does come to see your wound. They will give you hints or tips. This is a great site for information and the support is wonderful, But don’t suffer in silence…

I hope all goes well for you and remember to take it very easy for the next few weeks…

Lots of Hugs

Fiona(38yrs) xxx

Thanks Fiona , I think being the weekend is worst aswell , will call someone 2morro xx
They said I could soak stiches off not sure I want to till someone checks it first …

I know - everything seems to turn bad if its going to on a friday evening ready for the weekend!! are you taking the painkillers too Lisa? Hope it eases a bit for you but yes its a slow process…mary x

Hi again feeling better today and told breast nurse how i feel , the one ive jelled with had the week off , and got phone call this morning to see how i was !!!So here’s to the road ahead …