I felt "normal"!!!

After my surgeries, I was wondering if I would be able to face going to a U2 concert at the weekend. I went, and for the first time, since diagnosis and surgeries, I was able to be “normal” again. I was no longer “poor Rachel with breast cancer”…I was just another fan, along with 50 or so other thousand people.!! I completely forgot everything for several hours, and I was once back to how I was several months ago. I even bounced up and down like a little jumping bean (albeit holding on to my implant for dear life). My one arm couldn’t quite rise to the occasion as the other one could, but with the help of a scarf I was able to be noticed by Bono himself. All in all, a fantastic experience, that, after diagnosis, I didn’t think would be possible. It has certainly lifted me up. Do something good ladies…its great to be “normal” again!!! :smiley:

omg this brought tears to my eyes so glad you enjoyed it as I know how much you was looking forward to going.


Good on you and big hugs xxx