I had my last chemo today!!

Am just so so pleased!!! I haven’t been too great at keeping up with mails during the chemo, but if anyone who is starting out has any questions please feel free to get in touch…i had 6 FEC.

All over!!!


Hi jem
I start my chemo tomorrow…hence being up so late I’m more terrified about it than when I had my mastectomy. I think it’s because of the unknown of what the side effects are going to be rather than what will happen to me tomorrow.
But looking on the positive side at least it will be one down and I will soon be at were you are now.
Hope it wasn’t to bad for you
Chris xx

Hi Chris
Not started my chemo yet, should be within the next 3/4 weeks, just had a mx after lump. and clear margin failure!!
Every stage is a worry isn’t it, l expect it is the unknown, as well as the dread!
You will be on your second by the time l get to my first, there that doesn’t sound too bad does it! sounds like it might go fast!!

Hi Jem
Well you sound a happy girl! well done for finishing your chemo, you must be so relieved, and so you should.
Good Luck
Sandra x

hi there chris am up late myslf as having chemo today will be on my 5th where u having yours and what u having

hi Sandra
Thank u for the good wishes. I also had to have mx because no clear margins and gade 3 instead of grade 2 which tests showed.
I have my wig ordered as bcn advised me to try them on before chemo started as they would look awful if i was feeling unwell.
I managed a few hours sleep.
I haven’t had time to think yet as sorting kids out for school. Now they are gone i’m a nervous wreck.
Hope your not feeling to bad after your mx. I was feeling much better after 2 weeks, it was the wle and lymph node clearance that made me feel worse.

Hi brad pitts wife…love the name lol. I’m having 3 fec’s and 3 tax which from reading these forums sounds like the average i think. I hope it hasn’t been to bad for you.
I’m not very good at writing i’m more of a reader myself but have posted a few times.
Everyone is so kind on here wish i could put into words how i’m feeling like you sandra your posts are lovely.

Love and best wishes to all
Chris xx

Hi ladies

Just had my 2nd FEC last Wed. It was the worst ever! And hoping the next one will be easier. I was so tired and just couldn’t get out of bed for a few days. Was also in a lot of pain, not sure whether it’s from FEC or the neulasta injection. (got to speak to onc about it)

I’m going to have 6 FEC, too jem, but might end up having 8!!! Really couldn’t see myself surviving all that but trying not to think too much, just go with the flow.

I can imagine how pleased you are!!! I know I would be when I get there.



I had my last chemo yesterday, thank goodness. I had 3 FEC and 3 TAX. Looking back now I can’t believe I’ve come through it. It is a lovely feeling.

Good luck to everyone starting the journey.

Krissy xx

WELL DONE Jem and Krissy
All the very best for the ends of your journeys
Thanks for thinking about us at the beginning of ours
Love Maria

I’m so proud of you Krissy!!!
Lots and lots and lots of love to you, speak soon xxx

Just dropping in with a quick note to say I hope everyone is doing okay!

Take care

Love and hugs

Krissy xx

it’s such a great feeling to finish the chemo! I finished my fec in Feb this year.