I hate bath times!!

Hi Everyone

Thought I’d throw in a new subject…

The reason why I hate that time in the evening:

Most of the day I carry on in blissful ignorance, resting when I haven’t got the strength to get out of bed, potting around the house when things get slightly better and stepping out the house during the good weeks.

Yes, I’m losing my hair, but that can be covered and I can almost carry on as if nothing has changed.

But then it comes a time when you have to strip off and deal with your new body. And I look down and see my scarred covered boob, which looks like someone has drawn red marker all over,and its now definitely smaller than the other. I continue to wear a lovely sports bra as at least they look the same from the outside! And then I have to take off my scarf and deal with the very little hair that I have left and ponder on whether there is any point with shampoo! I look in the mirror and the reality of it all stares back at me. Oh the joys of chemo.

Big hugs to you all

Sue x

Sue your hair will grow back and your scars will fade and be a reminder that you are alive and that there are thousands of us out there in the same and worse state than you! As long as we look OK from the outside we have to learn to live with shower time and bathtime. I couldn’t bear to touch myself and still can’t! I had db mx with very badly done implants. Left all lumpy and bumpy and very hard!??
One day you will have to buy a new shampoo bottle and that will be a time to celebrate!!! You are not alone!?

Sue, I feel exactly the same. When Im getting undressed and removing my wig or scarf and then my makeup, I don’t recognise myself as the person I was before. I feel so unfeminine. More so the week when I’ve had chemo, as I feel so unwell and look pathetic. But we won’t be like this forever. We have to hold on to that. And Orangegirl has the right attitude lol x

Hi ladies

I feel like you all do ?

Getting undressed is harsh! Clothes off, softie boob off (had left mx), wig off, makeup off… Who’s that in the mirror?? Oh my god it’s me!! I feel like me but I certainly don’t look like me. But I’m alive & very grateful for that ? and as you all say the hair will grow back & I’m still me inside… I only have 1 more chemo to go…yay! Then 3 weeks of radiotherapy but I’m so very nearly there & can certainly see an end in sight, as you all will…it’s hard but you can do it!!

Orangegirl what tattoo did you have cos that’s what I think I’m gonna do.

Love to you all :heart:

Terri xxxxx

Sue, I’m half way through chemo. FEC - T Had 3rd one last Tuesday. FEC hasn’t been too kind to me with nausea and mouth issues. Have lost about 4 kg and have now noticed, just today, that I have a very scrawny neck and loose skin. Ahhhhh! Hopefully when the weight goes back on , my neck will fill out again. Any body know any good neck firming creams lol.
And yes, Buster, I was like you always wanting perhaps nicer teeth or firmer boobs, now I too would like the old me back. I was great and didn’t realise it lol. It’s hard to see it because we are in the middle of treatment, but I’m sure we’ll get there. x

Beautiful picture! Good for you Xx 

WOW!! Thanks orangegirl. The tattoo & you are bloody amazing!! I am definitely gonna get one as,like you, I’m not having a reconstruction and want to be proud that I survived Bc…not ashamed of my body ?

How long did you have to wait before you had it? I assume you have now finished all your treatment?

Terri xx ? ?

Wow! Beautiful, brave and inspirational! Xx

Love it Orangegirl. Go you!

Sue, I’m with you on evaluating and making changes when treatment is finished.
Do you always wear a scarf when out? I did once or twice initially, but once I got my wig I only wear scarf in the house and always wear wig when out. It’s actually a really nice wig and I do feel good when wearing it.
Did you get a wig to try?
I also got a few fringes to wear with scarf and think they make it look less cancer like and more a fashion statement. So when I have visitors, I pop fringe underneath scarf.
Please don’t feel conscious when going to your daughters college, celebrate the fact you are going with her. Maybe even go for nice wee lunch together. x

Your tattoo is gorgeous OrangeGirl. And I say that as someone who actually doesn’t like most tattoos very much. x

Oh no orange girl. I’m so sorry …that’s not what I meant. 

What I mean is that there should be a positive thread dedicated to brave, inspiring people like yourselves. X