i have breast cancer

just got diagnosed with breast cancer , got to have more tests but so far 2 lumps , bothe grade 3 nst cancers , i am terrified

hi sillylilly
just as wea all were, youre going to be worried, thing is, now something can be done so thats a positive. when you get a treatment plan sorted you will feel better. it is scary but mostly because of the unknown, so write questions down in case you forget. and we are all here to help, anything you might want to ask, no matter how silly it seems.
this is a good place to be, there are plenty of people to listen, help, have a giggle with, just ask away…
take care,keep us informed,
angie xx

Hi Sillylilly, so sorry you’ve had to join our exclusive but very friendly and super supportive club. True, at the moment you are in a very scary place, however, we’ve all been there, planned our own funerals but most important we are all still here and getting on with life. Please be assured it does get better. At the moment you are like a rudderless ship on a very stormy sea. Once you know all your results and have a treatment plan in place you wil feel much calmer as you wil have some measure of control back in your life. Please don’t google, you’ll find all sorts of out of date or plain inaccurate information out there, which will make your imagination run riot and you’ll scare yourself witless. Stay on this site or Macmillan. Make sure you take someone with you to your appointments, not only for support but to ask questions for you and to write down what the docs say as you’ll only hear half and remember even less of what they’ve said. Do keep posting, have a cry/rant/scream, ask any questions (none will be silly or too trivial) we’ll be here for you (we have enormous shoulders for you to lean/cry on). Sending you big (((hugs))) Pat x

Dear sillylilly

Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for support from fellow members.

As well as the help you will receive on here you could also give our Helpline a call to talk over how you are feeling. They can offer you practical information and emotional support. The opening hours are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000. Calls are free and confidential.

Take care

Very best wishes


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Hi sillylilly

I can’t really add to what the others have said…just want to send you some (((hugs)))

Maggie xx

Sorry you are joining our club! But as people have said it will get easier, I am 5 years now since diagnosis, x

Hi Sillylilly and everyone
I am following rapidly behind you. Just woken up and realized that it is true. It hasn’t gone away in the night and I was diagnozed yesterday with Invasive Lobular in right breast. I go from being scared to strangely peaceful.
Yesterday had an ultrasound to see whether lymph nodes affected but fingers crossed no sign.
I have to have an MRI with contrast and the thing I am most scared about is reacting to the dye but that have assured me that it is not iodine based and very rare to have a reaction…I wonder what others have experienced?
I thought I could say OK I’ll have a double mastectomy and be done with it but all this treatment afterwards is the thing that scares me most. I don’t want to feel sick or odd or depressed.
What a Moaning Minnie! I should be and am amazingly lucky that this was found this completely unexpectantly.
I am moving in 10 days and they have been wonderful about getting all the diagnostics done here and transferring to my new home. I will be near my family. What a miracle I will be there and not here to go through it…
I am going to see my BCN today. She is lovely.
Hugs all around