I have finished my treatment!

I have to share some good news - I had my 18th dose today and have been out to celebrate tonight. That is the end (hopefully) of 19 months of treatment since diagnosis on Friday 13th April last year. Now I am just on Arimidex. I can’t really believe it yet and it will be strange to see health professionals only occasionally now.

Good luck to those of you starting Herceptin. I haven’t had many side effects, though my heart function has decreased a bit. And the one good vein, inside my elbow has survived long enough!


Well done Anne…Heres to the future! x

Hi Anne,

I should have had my last dose yesterday too, but due to having shingles at half term everything got delayed by two weeks. So now I’m due to finish on Dec 3. I’m planning on celebrating big time after that. I was dx in Feb 07 (started FEC on Fri 13th April and tax on Fri 13th July - I’m hoping Fri 13th turns out to be lucky for me) so it will be 22 months for me when I’m finished.

Best wishes to you

Hi Anne well done on finishing your treatment, enjoy your night out you deserve it love junieliz

Hi roadrunner, sorry you have not been able to finish yours as planned but all being well it won’t be long for you now, and enjoy your celebration take care junieliz

Well done Anne!

So are you now leaving the SNAC group to live a normal life with no more IV treatment?! I start mine on Friday - going into 71 - I was perturbed that I should take pj’s - hadn’t been planning to stay!

I shan’t be at SNAC tomorrow as I have other appointments, but hope to see you again soon!

Td x

good for u anne and hope u keep well.
all the best