I have pukering on both brests

I’m scard I have brest cancer no lump

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Hi I I’m 43 iv been to doctors for a lump she said it was a mouse lump and nothing to worry about then I mention the puckering going in on both breasts then she immediately told me I need to be referred ergently to breast clinic I go next week Thursday 2.20pm I so scard

Aw you are very sweet thankyou iv been keeping my mind busy but then it just hits me iv read that a mouse lump is solid aswell but it can move around that’s why they call it a mouse lump it said xx

I hope ur all OK lovely to see the support I’m more scard of the dimperling/puckering as I don’t know much about it is there anyone that has experienced this xx

Aw thankyou irina I hope it’s not is yours ok hun what did they say about yours hun xx

Aw know that’s terrible they should of referred you this is your life and it’s precious I hope they refer you could you tell them you want to make a complaint about your care your receiving I’m sure they will do somethink then sending u really big hugs pls let us know how u get on wishing u well hun xx