I hope my story gives some of you some positive hope

I was diagnosed with Grade 3 cancer back in May 2003 when my son was just 18 months old and i was 32 (no family history). I had a mastectomy, chemo and radio and was told my chances of conceiving again were virtually none.

I’m delighted to say I’m now the very proud Mummy of another little boy born in May this year. His conception was obviously a huge (wonderful) shock and dear husband now thinks he’s a super stud ;). I’m also exclusively breast-feeding which I couln’t find out much info about but as two-boobed mummies can feed twins i thought i’d give it try. 2 months down the road he’s thriving very well.

I remember visiting these boards daily in the past and remember how happy i was to read posts similar to this as they proved there is life after cancer. I hope it proves the same this time

best wishes to you all

Thanks for that, it really does give us hope when we think about our ovaries and all this treatment !! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your post! I would love to start a family once all my cancer treatment has finished and reading stories like yours gives me a lot of hope.
Rashpal x

What fantastic news, I had to abandon an IVF attempt to start BC treatment, I don’t know how I feel about carrying on when I’m all finished with the treatment, my age would be against me (41) but I think that it is wonderful for those of you that can (and I’m also slightly envious! ). Enjoy every minute of your little boy, you obviously deserve some happiness after all you’ve been though!

Take care I welcome all these positive posts!

Nicky x

Many congratulations, that is wonderful news. As Nicky, I too was about to start IVF when diagnosed and I hope and pray every day that I will still have the chance to have a baby when my hormone therapy stops in 2 years. Can I ask were you ER+ve or ER-ve?

Nice one!!

What a lovely story to share with us, much appreciated. I’m so so pleased for you, and also pleased that your story gives the rest of us some much needed hope.

I know that fertility issues are quite pertinent to many of us using the ‘younger women’ pages. I was diagnosed in march age 34 and do not yet have a family. My boyfriend and I have never hidden our desire to have children but obviously the bc has sort of got in the way for now. How nice to think that that door is not necessarily closed to us for good.

Congratulations to you and your family and I wish you every happiness for the future,


Congratulations! I like hearing stories like this. It makes me feel optomistic about still been able to have a family in 5 years when I finish my Tamoxifen, I’ll be 32.
Lisa x

Hi all

Carla, I was ER-ve.

Wishing you all well