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I found a lump on my nipple area, while getting this checked by GP. She was checking my breast and said she could feel the lump. This was not the lump I went with. I am now telling myself with 2 lumps on both the same breast, it’s not cancer or anything serious, but am getting angry with myself for worrying and telling myself what a fool I will look like when this is proven once I have been checked over to be nothing and I worried and wasted peoples time.

they don’t think you are a fool for having a lump checked out. And even if they did, they are paid to provide a health service to all people of all abilities, whether foolish or not

You are not wasting anyones time hun - we all need to be breast aware and teach our friends and family to do the same.

You wont look like a fool - just a sensible woman who takes care of her health.

Let us know how you get on.


Oh Deel, you aren’t a fool at all, and you won’t be after things have been checked out either. I’ve had two different but very early stage breast cancers in the past, and last month I had a biopsy of a tiny little blemish on my scar site. I told everyone on here I was sure it was a bc recurrence, and I told the clinic that when they did the biopsy. I was wrong… no recurrence, and it was just a benign condition. I don’t feel foolish - just very relieved.

Before either of my diagnoses, I had naturally lumpy breasts for years, and one of them needed to be checked out, but was a benign cyst which went on its own. 90% of all breast lumps are benign, and fingers crossed, both yours will be too. It’s lovely when we get people coming back on here to say they’ve been checked out and their lump(s) werent cancerous. Hopefully that’s going to be the same for you. At the moment though, you’re in the “waiting room” as all of us on here refer to it as.

The waiting room is horrible, because you’re in limbo. Come on here as often as you want - there’ll be others along soon to advise and reassure you, so you’re not alone. People are so caring on here, and the lovely comments we leave each other really help!

You have a 90% chance of your lumps not being cancer, and hopefully you’ll be one of the 90% - and you won’t have wasted anyone’s time at all! If you are found to have bc, then you’ll get ever such a lot of support and help from your local breast clinic team as well as from everyone here - but let’s not cross that bridge uintil if we have to. It’s enough that you’ve got to be in the waiting room - have a big ((((hug)))) from me, and take care and be nice to yourself. You’re not a fool, but you are very worried n upset. With much love, and pm me if you want to Deel!

Shelley xxx

I don’t think there is anyone you come across while you are looking into this who will tell you you are wasting time. It is only sensible to get breast lumps checked out.

Most lumps are benign, but they have to be checked out before this can be established.

all the best as you follow this up and well done for getting it checked out with the GP.


Not a fool, very sensible! I found a lump, got it checked, and found that the lump I’d spotted was a harmless cyst but next to it was lurking a thickened patch I hadn’t noticed because of my lumpy breasts and that was BC. I so nearly didn’t bother to get a check up, and thank goodness I did.
Hopefully yours will turn out be a false alarm, but never feel foolish for checking.

Thanks to all the above, I just don’t know what think and this waiting for referral appointment is driving me crazy with worry.

Hi Deel971
It’s only natural for you to be worried, am sending you good vibes that all will be well. tigger150

my name his tracy hi have done all my treatment hi just do mamos now and check ups you have to be strong love and rty not to worry too much you are not alone out there love take care love xx