I Lobular triple negative diagnosis

I am one of the 5% with this diagnosis 

Wondering if anyone else with same and what treatment you are having Mine is chemo first 


My diagnosis wasn’t complete till after surgery.  I had 5 diagnoses, starting with “I don’t think you have anything to worry about”. I ended up with two tumours, one ductal, one lobular; one hormone receptive, one triple negative. Plus 19/21 infected nodes. This was after a clear mammogram and just two tiny freckles on my areola, which turned out to be a skin eruption. Following surgery, there was a delay when I transferred from private to NHS at the oncologist’s recommendation, then I had 3 x EC treatments and 9 x weekly paclitaxel, followed by radiotherapy to the chest wall and collar bone. Then I went onto anastrozole, oblivious to the fact I had TNBC.

Chemo first seems to be the most common approach for treatment of triple negative tumours, to slow down the spread, reducing the risk of metastasis, and shrink the tumour first. It’s really important we trust our team and ask the right questions, even if we don’t remember to do so at the time of the appointment. That’s what the breast care nurses are for, at your hospital or here (it’s an excellent service). But do stay away from Google. All diagnoses are unique and Google cannot take this into account, let alone our emotions and fears. Good luck with what lies ahead xx


I have ductal triple negative with spread to one lymph node. 
my treatment is chemo then surgery. I have 12 weeks (4 rounds) of carboplatin and palitaxel and then 9 weeks (3 rounds) of EC. Then mastectomy……

 The treatment has been ok so far, just completed my first round