I m 33 yr....diagnosed with triple Negative grade 3.....

hi all…I m 33 yr…nd diagnosed with triple Negative grade 3…done with surgery …chemotheraphy starts in 2 weeks time…please let me know what are the survival rates…got 20 month old baby…really worried …


Hi rakhi

Welcome to the forum where I’m sure you will find lots of support from fellow members.

As Flori35 mentioned, do also give our helpline a call for information and support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Hi Rakhi, I too have triple neg grade 3. It is scary initally and your oncologist will give you stats if you ask foe them. That said they are just that statistics. Most people with triple neg will survive, but we don’t have the option of tamoxifen or other targeted therapies that the hormone dependent people have so thats why chemo is our main weopon.

I am in the midst of my chemo, and though it is tough it really is do-able. 

Do make use of your breast care nurse. Mine is great and a fount of knowledge and is very reassuring

Take care love Sue x

Hi Raki

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in January 2012.  I have had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy and am currently NED (no evidence of disease).  Don’t get too hung up on the the ‘triple negative’ aspect.  This only means that your cancer doesn’t have receptors for oestrogen, progestorone or Her2 and therfore would not benefit from Tamoxifen or Herceptin.  I’ve been told that triple negative cancer responds very well to chemotherapy.  I’ve also been told that, whereas hormone receptive cancers can recur many years after treatment, if triple negative has not recurred after five years it is unlikely that it will recur and you may even be considered cured after eight years.

My mum was also diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer just over five years ago now and she is also still clear and doing well.

Lots of luck with your treatment.



Hi rakhi, I’m 29 n recently dx with triple negative. I have been terrified since diagnosed, wasn’t eating, sleeping or able to concentrate but since I found out I’ll be having chemo in a few weeks I’ve started to feel a bit better. I did begin by looking up everything online but have decided that being young and fit and healthy I could have a different outcome to people who the stats could have been based on who may have been older etc and so could you! Try to think positively, you’ve begun to kick it’s butt by having surgery and you will continue fighting it with chemo. Stay strong. Hugs xxx



Thank you for your lovely reply
Will keep going You are very right
Thank you xx