I’m new and wanting some support


im awaiting results next week. I found a lump just before mammogram was due in September.  Now had two cysts drained and lump biopsied and a further biopsy of calcifications found. I’m really scared of the result!  Having had breast cancer almost 20 years ago (age 35) in opposite breast I don’t think the outcome is going to be good.  I am a wreck

Hi @Shaann  - welcome to this lovely forum, though obviously I’m very sorry to read that you’ve found some lumps and are waiting for results. You’ve come to the right place to offload and get support. I can really relate to your worries - I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and am just coming up to my annual mammogram. I’m always terrified of these, having had various lumps biopsied since my diagnosis.

I’m not medical so wouldn’t like to guess at what your results will be, but I will repeat what has been said many times on this forum and what I try to tell myself - that most lumps are benign, and that we should try not to let our minds go into overdrive. I have a book that reminds us that we should deal in facts, and that fears are not facts. Of course it is easier to type than put into practice! The waiting is the worst isn’t it. Please use this forum to chat and get support, any time. Everyone just gets it without explanation. You might also want to consider calling the lovely nurses - the number is at the top of this page. They are very supportive and reassuring.

I am sure others will be along with some wise words, but I’m also happy to chat more while you wait. In the meantime see if you can find something to distract you, whether it is seeing friends, watching rubbish TV series, walking or mindfulness - now is the time for lots of kindness to yourself. Whatever it takes. Sending hugs and strength to you. Evie xx