I’m still waiting

I went to have tests on 1 June and so far no letter or anything. I know the Queen had her platinum jubilee but I need to know what they showed. Seagulls


I can understand your anxiety. You don’t say what tests you had or if you have a further appointment. If you do have an appointment, you will get the results there. I doubt you’d get the results by letter or by phone if this is your first lot of tests. The problem is, different tests take different amounts of time. It is essential they get the right information and as much information as possible in order to accurately determine whether or not you have breast cancer and what type of bc it is. There are all sorts of variables. If you do, they need to work out the best treatment plan.

I’m afraid, speaking as an old hand now, there is a LOT of waiting in this new territory. Sometimes it is due to backlog - as you say, the Jubilee added to the delay - but certain tests take time. A scan for instance needs a qualified radiologist to interpret the images and write an accurate report and, in most hospitals, this means a turnaround of 2 weeks minimum, So your results aren’t deliberately late. It’s a pity the hospital didn’t give you a rough guide.

If you don’t have a further appointment, it would be worth ringing the hospital to express your concern. If you do, I’m afraid you need patience. Meantime, remember to stay off Google and to do everything you can to practise anxiety-reducing techniques. They really do make a difference if you focus on practise. You may need a lot of resilience in the future as there is a lot of waiting.

I hope your results are negative and you can move on with your life without breast cancer but, if they are positive, it’s all manageable, promise! X