I miss my breast/CBT

As the title says, I miss my breast, I really do.
I haven’t had a left breast for 4 years, I have had nothing, reconstruction, nothing and reconstruction again.
I miss having feeling on one side, and I detest the ugly scars.
I have been grieving intensely for a year now and I am tired. I want to do some CBT to help me take control of my negative thoughts and anger better. Has anyone had CBT or even doing it now? Does it help? How do you find a good CBT therapist?

NAZ xx

Hope you find something soon. I have accessed help through the Hospital not CBT but mindfulness and just talking. Speak to your Breast care nurse or Gp they will know what’s available in your locality. I am thinking of you and hoping you get some help big hug sent your way()

I do so feel for you NAZ, I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like for you, so I do hope you manage to arrange CBT sessions to help you with it. I have the opposite problem. I also had MX but rather than missing the lost breast, I wish I could get rid of the remaining one. I too have negative thoughts about it and as I don’t wear a bra (can’t stand my prosthesis either) it dangles there like a huge ganglion on my chest. It spoils the way my clothes look and I can’t help imagining myself with no boobs at all. I’ve only been like this for one year, so dread to think how I will feel after 4!!


poemsgalore xx

Hi Naz


I am so sorry you are feeling like this.


I just wanted to say that I had cbt a few years back for something completely different and found it to be a very effective technique and so I would say it is definitely worth a try. As for finding someone, perhaps your GP could refer you?


Take care.



Hi Naz
Along with the support you have here our helpline re-opens tomorrow 9-5 if you feel it would help to talk things over, our team are on 0808 800 6000
Take care
Lucy BCC

Hello Naz,

I havnt tried CBT so cant speak from experience, but it seems to have a good track record in managing your feelings and is used by the NHS. Its not about hours of therapy going into your feelings.

You’ve as good a chance of getting a good therapist via the NHS as privately, I hope you can get a referral.

NHS Mood Juice self help website has some good stuff moodjuice.scot.nhs.uk/


I’m waiting for double mx, and dont know how I’m going to cope. I really liked mine (until the left one was numbed by WLE and rads), agonising over recon or not - is it better to have none or two with no feeling?

I know I could not be bothered with prosthesis, and I know if it had been one not both, I would not have accepted being ‘unbalanced’.

The best thing for my mental health in general is getting out walking/cycling/whatever, and a good yoga class. 




Yes it makes perfect sense Naz and I am sending you lots of love and healing thoughts to help you move on. I am confident that you will have the strength to cope this year. You will do all that you want to and much more because deep down you know you can do it !!! Go for it girl 2014 is the year of change xxx Love and light Tracy xxx