I can only agree about the pain… awful. I’ve done all the suppository and fruit ideas and they have helped - I also keep drinking loads of water and indulge in smoothies (either Innocent types or homemade)
Best wishes


I had to reply because if there is one memory that just won’t go away from having chemo was the after the first chemo the constipation. Its 7 years ago and I remember it to this day and I was in agony. I remember sitting on the loo in so much discomfort that I called my husband at work and asked him what should I do(I have never owned up to that before, he didn’t know! One thing I tried was drinking warm/hot water. Another thing is to raise your arms above your head whilst sitting on the loo, it has been known to help me! I remember that after the 1st chemo it wasn’t so bad. But one thing I did and still do today is drink loads of water. I visit the forums daily but don’t post very often but I can really sympathise with this problem.


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Hi I’m new to this but reading the comments, I have to say how relieved I am that it’s not just me going through this. I am in the middle of my first FEC dose and am in agony and misery over this whole piles business. I drink lots of water and eat fruit and veg and am taking senakot. I have given up on meat as that just makes me constipated but my biggest problem is that the piles don’t seem to shrink (I have been using Germaloids cream). I seemed to be locked in a nightmare situation. Are suppositories the best method of shrinking the piles?

Hello Ned44

Welcome to the forums, you’ve come to the right place for support as the users of this site have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them.

Whilst waiting for replies you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00.

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Hello Lexie

Oooh I do feel for you! I’m a fellow sufferer - hellish isn’t it!

I went to my GP in agony with this problem three weeks ago. The pain was incapacitating. The GP prescribed co-codamol, senna (to counter act the co-codamol) and an ointment - Scheriproct, I don’t know if this ointment is better than anusol or germaloids. She also suggested sitting on a packet of frozen peas to help shrink things down. The chemo-nurse suggested lactulose.

Three weeks on its still painful but much, much improved, I don’t need co-codamol anymore. I went back to the GP this morning and she said that the piles are reducing and continue with the medication.

Best of luck with it - I hope you find some relief soon.

D x

Oops just realised that the original post for this thread was from January - I REALLY do hope that things are better for Lexie by now!

Ned - you were asking if suppositories were more effective. My GP wanted to prescribe suppositories as she said they were quicker working than ointment. However, I went pale at the thought and she relented! If you’re made of tougher stuff than me (I’m a bit of a wimp) then suppositories may well be the way to go.

I finished chemo in February and have been left with piles, which haven’t resolved despite ointment and supps. Maybe I should go back to doctors again but frankly I’ve had enough of 'em!!

Ask for LAXIDO sachets - they work wonders! x

Not joking, but I swear by All Bran. I’m never off the loo with it- oh and loads of fruit and water. x

i agree about the all-bran and water. if things get really stuck get up and walk about till the bowel comes to life again. or rock about on the loo. My sister has been constipated all her life and i used to think she was making a terrible fuss over nothing. Then i found out the hard way how utterly miserable and unpleasant it is. I had to laugh at the thought of phoning my husband at work cos i was stuck on the loo. I considered doing the exact same thing!
All in all it’s better to stop it happening long before you feel like you are squeezing a brick out! My gp gave me some sachets that you mix with water( movical, i think they were called) and i needed twice the recommended dose to get things going but go easy with it at first, cos we are all different.
Good luck all you affected ladies.
Louisa x

If you really want to get rid of piles (external or internal) then first you have to remove constipation, to do this apply the below given tips

  1. Increase the amount of fibre in your diet
  2. Drink plenty of fluid,
  3. Avoid medication that causes constipation
  4. exercise regularly

Many years ago I had Lord’s Procedure for severe piles. It worked – but it hurt like hell for a while afterwards. Glad to hear that there are new procedures that are less “invasive”


I suffered a lot for hemorrhoids and the only effective solution I found Ayurvedic ointment for piles

I also had a problem with my anus after chemotherapy, but after all it was just anal irritation.Solutions for my problems was Fine6, you can find it here : stophemorrhoids.co.uk/ This is a non-prescription treatment, and can by used regularly. If it is used regularly or even from time to time it still works wonders. It is my experience and it takes next day effect, not like other ointments from the pharmacy.

Hi. I was really bad at one point with constipation and was at the end of my tether. I even booked in for a colonic but was advised not to have one due to the chemo. The hospital gave me laxido and after three sachets i finally got movement. Omg what a relief that was and i felt like i could jump a six foot wall. Touch wood i have not suffered since and i have found that eating a bowl of shreddies every morning has really helped. I know how you feel and it can make you feel so miserable as if you dont have enough to deal with. Xx