I Need Some Facts...

hey…ermm i havea friend hus found a lump in her breast. i say friends wer pretty muhc goin out. im reali worried i was wonderin if any1 has any facts.

how likely is it that its breast cancer? and like how many other things cld it be? im assumin not every lump you find on your breast isnt cancer is it? i found a lump my penis before just turned out to be a cist…

id really appreciate someone who can message back with something i just need some facts or advice.

Hi DJ Wardee,
I’m sorry to hear about your new girlfriend and your worrying news. There are other things it could be - there’s all kinds of different tissue in the breast that can feel lumpy for various reasons, but the only way to be sure is to get it checked out. Has she been to her doctors yet? They should refer her to a specialist centre where they can do an ultrasound scan, mammogram and a biopsy if necessary. That’s the only way to get your minds put at rest.
It’s a very frightening time, and your mind runs away with you. My advice to you would be to just be beside her supporting her, go with her to the doctor or clinic, and be gentle and understanding with her if she’s emotonal or irrational.
You obviously care about her, and she’s lucky to have you with her through this.
I really hope it turns out to be good news for you both

Hi djwardee1

It sounds like you’re feeling pretty worried about your girlfriend. You may find our leaflet ‘Breast Awareness’ helpful to read, you can read it via the following link:


It contains information about what to look out for and what to do if a change is found in the breast.

I hope you and your girlfriend find this helps.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

best she gets it checked out,


DJ Wardee, only a professional can make a diagnosis and the sooner it is seen, the sooner your friend will know what she is dealing with. It may well be completely harmless, and you can both relax. If it does need treatment, the sooner the better as it will not treat itself. I do wish you the best of luck, wondering is frightening, as is waiting for appointments and test results. Statistics do say that most breast lumps are not cancerous, but you’ll both worry until you know - and do get a second opinion if she isn’t reassured by her GP, it’s not unreasonable to want to feel confident in what is being said. All the very best, Lyn