I saw the surgeon today....

I saw the surgeon today…

I saw the surgeon today… I posted on the Have I Got Breast Cancer? forum a few weeks ago as I was concerned about a lump I found. Thanks again for all of your advice!

I have a definite lump, breast pain and an inverted nipple. I know how my breasts feel (I have been examining myself for years) and know what feels wrong. I have had the lump for 4 1/2 months and it does not change with my cycle.
My GP referred me as he agreed (after examining me) that there was a lump. I saw the surgeon this morning who was unfortunately very dismisssive and kept repeating “I can’t feel anything”. He sepnt less than 30 seconds examining me and made me feel like I was wasting his time.
I was sent for an ultrasound and was told that it is just prominent breast tissue and nothing to worry about. I know they are professionals and see this kind of thing everyday but I don’t feel satisfied with the explaination.
Should I push for further tests or just be satisfied with the explaination?! I’m confused!

Get a second opnion Hi Grandparade,

I rarely read this section of the wesite but I’m glad I have today.

Inverted nipple? If you haven’t had it all your life, sounds highly suspect.

Go for a second opinion, even if you have to pay, please don’t take any chances. It simply isn’t worth it. Insist on an ultrasound, a mammagram and a blood test.

It has to be better to be safe than sorry. (Please see my Rant positing on recon surgery section re: medical professionals failing women).

Be demanding!

All the best

Mrs S xxxx

Please go for second opinion Hi Grandparade
I has a very similar experience twice…it wasnt until i was on my third surgeon and 18 months later they discovered i had widespread dcis.
My mammograms and us were all normal, yet i had discharge with blood, an inverting nipple, constant pain and a massive lumpy area of breast tissue…my third surgeon didnt believe it was sinister either but i persuaded him to do a biopsy of mass after a tiny area of dcis was found during duct removal…his words “you were right”!!!
Please go with your gut feelings and push for further investigations!!!
Have a look at my profile if you want…
wishing you lots of luck…
Anna xxx